City in the clouds (add on)

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City in the clouds (add on)

Postby TheTechnoJeep » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:51 am

So I recently remastered one of my old ideas “The Indigo quarry mines”.
I am making another “add-on” for the moss blanket like I did the Indigo quarry. I hope you enjoy and any feedback would be nice.
Thank you.

City in the clouds “moss blanket”

—Something strange has happened deep within the moss blanket, you’re finding giant plants and trees. Then you stumbled upon it. The biggest tree you’ve ever seen, one so big that it goes far past the clouds. So one leaf at a time you begin to climb slowly making you’re way to the top to discover what’s above.—
(Only some plants and trees are over sized to add effect not all of them... chill out.)
Okay I already know some people are going to say “Then you can just jump off and land in an area that’s not unlocked yet.” Okay ha! To fix this problem place the “tree” you would climb up on the coast of the moss blanket. So if you fall your falling straight into the slime sea. Why? because I guess you can’t explore that. Just saying.
- Features:
The city of clouds (upgrade)
(Did previous idea, slime city. Check it out.)
A beautiful view from far above the ranch.
- slimes:
•Mist slime
Some say a strange mutation must of taken place when a puddle slime jumped out of the water. So not much is known. Sometimes hard to spot, you know you’re close when water droplets start appearing on your screen.(btw that’s sounds cool right?)
•Feather slime
Guardians of city, they glide from tower to tower. They are not scared of heights, white/yellow with a feather like textures.
- Decorations:
Puffy cloud flower
Puffy cloud tree
Small cloud
Large cloud
Thunderous cloud
Mini tornado
Big tornado
(I’ll stop. I could keep going, feedback maybe?)
- Slime science:
Puffy cloud ball (slime toy)
•mist and feather slime
- veggie:
Puffy potatoes
•mist and feather slime
- how to unlock:
Find every treasure pod (all colors) in the moss blanket and reach day 100.(kinda easy just time consuming)

Like I said any feedback is appreciated. I might start a series of idea for each area.
More ideas coming soonish
(Psst... Here in a few days •trying not to spam• I’ll post the ‘big idea’ well when it’s ready.)

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Re: City in the clouds (add on)

Postby EmeraldPlay » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:56 am

Nice idea.
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