IDEAS: "Mad Science" experiments on the ranch.

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IDEAS: "Mad Science" experiments on the ranch.

Postby xwizzard » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:38 am

I've just finished my first run through this game on Adventure Mode and I must say I had a blast.
Now that I've reached the "endgame", which currently is saving up larger and larger amounts of newbucks to unlock all of the rewards club items, I can't help but feel like there could be a bit more depth to make the game feel a bit more "full".

Others have made various suggestions to make a third "tier" of slimes, and while I think that's a good way to go, I also think there are other ways to add depth. Slime experiments are currently pretty basic: add no more than two types to get a stable combo. What I'd love to see is riskier "science" experiments for the lab which would let you combine plorts which you could throw at your slimes to see what happens. Obviously the majority of combinations would be either neutral (no affect or a standard Largo) or negative (Tarr). But the slight possibility of a certain combination, (maybe even with a little random luck roll) would make a plort that when combined with a specific type of slime would make something unique (hybrid/"domesticated" slime) or otherwise impossible to capture (luck/gold/quicksilver).

The other side of this "experimentation" would be the food, if you make a unique slime it's going to have unique preferences, right? So if you're able to combine slimes, why not chickens, fruit trees, and vegtables? Certain combinations would compound their effect on Largo slimes that prefer them (six plorts from a Quantum Honey Largo fed with a "Mint LeMango", but vegtable/fruit and Chicken/plant hybrids would be only tolerated, if even possible (two plorts from a Largo). Since the few "unique" slimes produced through experimentation would have unique tastes, they may end up actually preferring the odd combinations that other "normal" slimes only tolerate.

Feel free to "steal" my ideas, I love this game. :-)
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Re: IDEAS: "Mad Science" experiments on the ranch.

Postby EmeraldPlay » Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:27 pm

Nice ideas, but this could take a while to implement, depending on the amount of combinations possible.
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Re: IDEAS: "Mad Science" experiments on the ranch.

Postby xwizzard » Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:40 pm

Sure, I'm no game developer, just concepts.
I figure a way to implement slime combinations would be through a new lab station with a sort of 3 bay "slot machine" style interface requiring 10 plorts each, similar to the silo, and a hidden fourth "bay" which is either a psuedo-random 1-7 "die roll" for level of "success" or a 1-7 increment for which in-game day of the week it is for a little more predictability. Each attempt would require a total of 30 plorts and produce 10 unsellable "unknown" plorts with either the same mixed color for all, or be a retexture/mixed texture of the two plorts which actually "fused".

Each 3-plort combination would either "react well" (6 or 7 = Produce a standard Largo when fed to either type of slime from the two "fused" plorts), "no reaction" (3, 4, or 5 = Act like standard food, but no slimes prefer eating it), or "unstable reaction" (1 or 2) Produces a Tarr regardless of which type of slime ate it).
When the types of plorts are exactly lined up for a specific type of "unique" slime a 6 or 7 roll would be required to produce the "unique" plort, and only produce a unique slime when fed to one of the source plort slime types. Like a combination lock, the unique plort combinations would work the same way, only a specific order would work, and the hidden fourth "die-roll bay" would determine success or failure of opening the lock.

As far as the fruit/vegetable/chicken combinations I was thinking a similar setup with two bays instead of three, a 50/50 success "coin flip", and just re-texturing the combinations based on the source food items. For simplicity, maybe just be able to combine similar food types - Vegatable/vegtable; fruit/fruit; chicken/chicken with the other combinations making "spicy tofu" or some other "processed" food which can't be planted.
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Re: IDEAS: "Mad Science" experiments on the ranch.

Postby GoldenLucky99 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:07 am

Nice ideas!
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