Ideas for devs regarding the auto feeder

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Ideas for devs regarding the auto feeder

Postby VinTJ » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:12 pm

Okay I'm sorry I have no other place to post this. I know some people already have topics/threads for Ideas but I would rather have monomi park pin an official Idea thread instead. Or maybe I've missed it.

Also this steam thread is also written by me : ... 686294099/

I am simply copy-pasting the title and what's in it. I hope this gets seen, or better if one of my ideas is already implemented.

" Questions regarding Auto-Feeders, People's complaints about them and Ideas to solve them. (can be integrated with Drones)

Okay so a lot of people apparently said that EVEN on it's slowest setting, auto-feeders tend to give out more food than the slimes can eat. Wiki says that the changelog states : the slowest setting dispenses food every 9 hours. Now, as I've heard, Slimes can eat three times a day, and Largos only twice a day. Which means auto-feeders will give out food more times than the largo can eat.

My main question is, does auto-feeder even care how many slimes are in a corral? Does having more or less slime types cause the auto feeder to dispense more or less food? if not, how many food does the auto-feeder dispense anyway? does the speed only change the intervals of food drop, or also the amount?

I plan on investing in auto-feeders but I hate wasted resources, even though I do have 3 mint mango gardens, fully upgraded with Ogden's stuff and a Silo slot full of 300 heartbeats. and those gardens are only for 3x10 Largos. All other largos have their own fully upgraded gardens.

and this might sound dumb since I kinda guess the answer is NO, but does Miracle Mix slows down the time it takes for veggies to rot IN corrals?

Idea : There should be an upgrade to corrals, something along the lines of "Slime Analyzer" , tells you how many slimes are in a corral and what type, largos or not, etc. That way I can easily check if any slimes went missing, or if another type of slime somehow got mixed in among others. Hunter slimes are hard to see, for one, so it's kinda annoying to count them.

Slime analyzer should also be integrated with Auto-Feeders. It should dispense food based on how many slimes are there. I believe if Monomi Park decides to code-in Slime Analyzers, they certainly can code-in Auto-Feeders to fit the needs of the rancher.

Also, alternatively, instead of adding a new feature, here's an Idea that might already bee in development. What if drones could collect food from corrals and place them back in auto feeders? Based on the trailer drones could collect food from GARDENS, and place them in SILOS. but having them able to collect food from CORRAL FLOORS and place them in AUTO-FEEDERS, and even better, making them able to see if the auto-feeder is full and goes to SILOS as their second destination, would be a REALLY great help.

I have seen multiple complaints about auto-feeders wasting food, after all. I think these ideas are pretty good to be implemented^^ "

and there you go. my whole steam post in it's entirety.
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Re: Ideas for devs regarding the auto feeder

Postby Calydor » Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:06 pm

I've thought about something similar to a Slime Analyzer myself, especially with the bug a lot of people run into where slimes vanish. Having a counter sitting at the top of the corral simply saying how many slimes are in it would be very, very beneficial for that alone.

I never really use the auto-feeders myself because they seem extremely buggy to me, or at least did last I tried to use them (and honestly, that was around 1.0). I haven't been able to find any rhyme or reason to how they dispense, why they dispense, how much they dispense, and at the end of the day it's been easier to just suck up 15 pieces of food from a garden, turn around, and faceblast 10 largoes with the 15 fruit.
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Re: Ideas for devs regarding the auto feeder

Postby Upsilon » Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:48 am

Slowest speed is pretty comfortable for 6 Largos in a corral (for me). If there is some food lying in the corrals I just push the slimes around with the pulse wave or right click - some of them take that food on the ground.

Since you can grow so much food with max upgraded gardens it's not that important if you give too much food for the slimes anyway.
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