Couple suggestions and feedback

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Couple suggestions and feedback

Postby dsdan » Sat Dec 26, 2015 12:16 pm

Would be cool if there was:
    An option to display all upgrades for a corral/garden/the vacpack.
    An option to bulk fire/suck in.
    Auto pickup for gardens.
    Two way teleport after you feed gordos.
    Some way to manage largos without having to pick them up one by one.
    Discovered slime combinations in slimepedia (too many tarrs were made ;_;).
    Some indication of slime hunger and its consequences.
    A way into the grotto through the ceiling using the jetpack.

    Unupgraded silos are too weak/too expensive I feel compared to the storage that comes with auto pickup in corrals. If it started with 2 slots that would be more balanced I feel.
    Trying to gather pond plorts are a pain because you tend to suck up water.
    The trade system seems pretty useless with some ridiculous trades sometimes.
    I feel like pond and honey slimes are OP while largos are worthless (especially pink) in terms of hassle to reward ratio.
    Tarrs appear within seconds of entering an area in the jungle and eat everything.

    Sucking in small slimes and shooting them out sets all their 'mood' to the same one (averaged?).
    Different areas in the ranch lead to disappearing slimes and other items. I believe it is because the areas are not kept loaded.
    Gardens are very inconsistent. Sometimes a fruit tree will not fruit for its entire lifespan (may be related to above bug).

Might update this list as I play more! Great game so far!
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