A LOT of imagination (features, items, upgrades, zones)

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A LOT of imagination (features, items, upgrades, zones)

Postby CyborgJellyfish » Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:04 am

OK, I got a TON to talk... or type about so I'll go through small stuff first (and if something confusing then just keep reading, it'll be explained somewhere in this)

First of all, Temperature:
Temperature is a way to get certain slimes and a way to keep slimes at maximum happiness (giving them a chance to give you two plorts even if they're not eating their favorite food).
So temperature wouldn't be in degrees, but in general word marks (this would probably be easier to code too) it would go in this order.
Extreemly Cold, Very Cold, Pretty Cold, Cold, Cool, Normal, Warm, Hot, Pretty Hot, Very Hot, Extreemly Hot.
Slimes can't survive in certain temperatures and buying a thermastat or stormastat (explain later) will make slimes even happier. :D
You couldn't survive in Extreemly Cold/Hot areas as they're usualy in freezing water/LAVA, and you can't stay in Very Cold/Hot for long without suits which i'll explain now!

Suits are a way to help you survive areas which otherwise would knock you out. A mentionable thing is that you can only where one suit at a time.A list of suits with suggested prices and desciptions:
Armor Suit, 400, takes 10% of taken damage off.
Flame Suit, 350, lets you survive in Extreemily hot areas for a very short time and Very hot areas a little longer.
Freeze Suit, 350, lets you survive in Extreemly cold areas for a ver short time and Very cold areas a little longer.
Honey Suit, 350, gets slimes come and lick the honey off of you and will tame angry slimes the first time they bite you. Reason for this suit is becuase it'll be overly cute.
Aqua Suit, 400, hurts tarrs when they attack you.
This could be expanded more obviously, and a plus is that since you can't look at yourself you can save time coding and modeling as you don't need to.

Zones you know, zones, heres a ones I created with little descriptions.
The Great Gordo Rock.
Its not a rock with a bunch of Gordo slimes on it, no, its a huge rock floating (some do beleive its connected to the planet) in the Slime Sea with the topish to top of the rock being cold and supporting life to slimes that live in Pretty, Very, and Extreemly cold areas.
Waste Pit
The Waste Pit is an area where it isn't dirty filthy waste, but just a lot a access plorts, slime and food eventually ended up, it's also the area where your sure to find a few Garbage Slimes, but at the cost of naturally appearing Tarr.
Lava Reef
Lava Reef is the only area with a constant heat of Hot to Very Hot with Lava Lakes scattered everywhere and is the only area to see natural slimes that live in Pretty, Very, and Extreemly hot areas.

Therastat and Stormastat:
A Thermastat is a way to get slimes to survive and be constantly confortable in the range. A thermestat would cost a suggested price if 300 Slimuleons :P
As for a Stormastat is a way better Thermastat a it makes the corral like the slimes home zone ,making them extreemily happy, for example setting it to Pretty, Very, Extreemly Cold will make it snow a little to a lot. A stormastat would cost a suggested price of 500 Slimuleons (after you'd buy the Thermastat you can upgrade it to this).

Finally, Toys:
Toys are a way to give your slimes EVEN MORE happiness and will make you not feel bad about trapping them in a cage.
Ball, 10 Slimuleons, a simple toy that will sadly wear out quickly, but is nice as a place holder till you can afford a better toy
Squeaky Chicken, 50 Slimuleons, this is a toy that be enjoyed by tabbies more but can still be givin to other slimes and its a squeaky chicken the slime can grab and squeak (Cuteness Overload Just By Thinking About It).
Sing Set, 250 Slimuleons, this is more of a corral upgrade but anyway its a swing set for slimes and don't worry about them jumping off of it as they dont really have anything to break as they have no bones.

Well, sadly thats it for now becuase this is getting long and a have a lot of food and slime ideas i'll be sharing in the next topic.
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Re: A LOT of imagination (features, items, upgrades, zones)

Postby DeltaStorm » Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:16 am

I don't think the temperature idea would work in this game.
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Re: A LOT of imagination (features, items, upgrades, zones)

Postby Heather » Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:10 pm

You certainly put a lot of thought behind your suggestions CyborgJellyfish, thanks for taking the time to share them with us.
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Re: A LOT of imagination (features, items, upgrades, zones)

Postby hypehypehypeahhah » Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:40 pm

I personally like the temperature idea, as it makes the player think before jumping straight in, and makes the player feel like it is, a human, and not an inmortal being.
Then again, this is a game about jumping smiling balls of snot so maybe i am thinking too deeply about it,
TL;DR i like all of those suggestions!
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Re: A LOT of imagination (features, items, upgrades, zones)

Postby Hugger » Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:59 pm

I like the idea of toys. I love making my slimes as happy as possible! I think more ways in general to interact with the slimes and keep them as happy as possible would be great!
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Re: A LOT of imagination (features, items, upgrades, zones)

Postby Nunn » Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:49 pm

Would love to see a Tabby slime pounce on a squeaky chicken XD!
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