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Postby Randomtangle » Thu May 03, 2018 2:20 pm

A long time ago, There were only Tarr, and Tarr came from the Tarr Pits, and the slime sea was covering the Dry Reef. Soon enough. the tectonics and moon and junk messed with the sea and made it engulf the Tarr pits. Then, the Dry Reef was raised above sea level, and the sea water mixed with the Tarr from the Tarr Pits and soon evolved into the slimes we know today. There was the Pure slime, and it mixed with the habitat in were it was created. Some pures decided not to mix and become just common slimes, The plants were nourished with primordial oil, the makeup of the slime sea, and they now feed slimes in the area special adapted foods. The rocks and everthing were covered and clumped together to make more pure slimes. All these slimes came from the tarr, so they could become tarr if they were mixed together, makeing the tarr makeup dominant to the normal slime makeup, so they became tarrs. These new Tarr, unlike the tarrs of old, were weak to water unlike there ancestors, which were actually great swimmers! These tarrs were unstable, and these unstable tarr needed to absorb more tarr material to stay alive. These tarr are the tarr we see today. The slime sea commonly sprays primorial oil (deluded mind you) on to the range. makeing new slimes emerge. Pure primordial oil can be mined, but we don't have the technology to make pure slimes. Tarr material is poisonous to humans and animals, so they get damaged.
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Postby Noggy05 » Thu May 03, 2018 10:49 pm

Great story.
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