Something I think every Rancher would want...

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Something I think every Rancher would want...

Postby SomeRandomGuy » Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:16 pm

An artificial chicken nest. Think about it. It’s SO HARD to breed chickens, even with the upgrades. If you have, for examples sake, Boom Tabby Largos, you either A, are barely scraping by, B, Have 2 coops, which is unefficient, or C, go out into the wild to look for extra chickens. Now, here’s what I propose for an artificial chicken coop.

In the next update, say there’s a hidden new area to explore. Be elusive, but give a hint as to where it could be. When you find this area, that for the time being we’ll say is an island near the Glass Desert, you’ll be lead down a large tunnel, with nests sporting each kind of Hen-Hen. Then, it opens up to something similar to what I call Moustache Island: A giant Hen-Hen statue, with a purple pod underneath it. You crack it, and it gives you an artificial nest, which acts like the nests you see in the wild, looks a little more artificial, and has the big plus of being able to be placed in a gadget spot, meaning you could just find a remote area with Aton of gadget spots, put down some nests, and come back regularly to take some. Heck, you could even put them in the wild and give the slimes there more food. Good job looking after the environment, buddy!

But yeah, I like this idea. Of course it would be late game, because something this powerful should be late game. But even then, it would increase the amount of chickens we can have, leading to more reason to own largos such as Tabby Hunters, Tangle Booms, etc. Thanks for listening.

Edit: or D, you feed them Spicy Tofu.
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Re: Something I think every Rancher would want...

Postby Raxel920 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:26 pm

Only if we get Artificial Veggie Patches and Fruit trees for every type of fruit and veggie, which seems unlikely.
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