How to keep a Gold Slime in your ranch (The Gordo Way)

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How to keep a Gold Slime in your ranch (The Gordo Way)

Postby WaffleMelon » Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:58 pm

***SPOILERS: This guide refers to several end-game items and areas. If you're sensitive to these kinds of spoilers I advise you to first explore the last zones of the game ***


This is a Slime Rancher end-game guide that shows how you can keep Gold Slimes in your ranch. There is also a great guide made by z0mbiesrock that you can use to do the same. Even though the guide you're reading allows you to obtain several Gold Slimes at once at a slightly more consistent rate, z0mbiesrock 's technique can be used a lot earlier in the game, allowing you to benefit from the sweet Gold Plort selling prices a lot sooner, so use whichever you see fit for your current in-game situation.
Unfortunately, I don't think that there is much you can do with the Gold Slimes once you get them, since they'll run away from the stage as soon as you feed them. Also they seem to hop of the stages when you enter gadget mode :'( (thanks to PrismSlimefor that info)

There's a TL;DR section at the end that you might prefer if you already know the mechanics I describe here. This is my first guide, so every single piece of feedback will be highly appreciated, from the formatting to the content itself :)
I'll answer any questions you'll have on the guide and anything else about the game, though I would prefer you kept them about the guide :D

Things you‘ll need:

• Pulse upgrade for you vac
• Some jetpack upgrades
• Access to the Glass Desert
• Teleporters (optional, but highly recommended)
• At least one Slime Stage
• A Gordo Snare (hopefully a Master one)

Getting a Gold Gordo – The Snare

The first step to gather Gold Slimes this way is to first get a Gold Gordo. To catch any Gordo you need a Gordo Snare. These are items where you can place a piece of food in order to allure a Gordo to be permanently sitting on the Snare, though you cannot see the Gordo moving to it, it just teleports there. You may want to build the snare away from slimes that can interfere with it and where you can place other gadgets nearby, this will be important later.


There are three types of Gordo Snares:

• Novice Gordo Snare – unlocks by buying its blueprint in the Lab’s Builder Shop
• Advanced Gordo Snare – unlocks by opening a Blue Treasure Pod in the Ancient Ruins
• Master Gordo Snare – unlocks when reaching rank 20 in the 7Zee Rewards Club

The Novice Snare will produce somewhat random results, which might lead to you getting the wrong Gordo. The Advanced Snare is less random, but it still does not guarantee the right results. I recommend the Master Gordo Snare, if you can get access to it, since it will always give you the Gordo that prefers the food you put in it, saving you the riskiness of wasting the rarest resource in Slime Rancher – the Gilded Ginger.

Getting a Gold Gordo – Gilded Ginger

Gilded Ginger is the only food that Gold Slimes prefer, netting you 5 Plorts when you feed one. More importantly, it is the resource you’ll be using the catch a Gold Gordo.


This shinny resource cannot be planted and will only be found in the Glass Desert. There are 74 confirmed locations where it can spawn and there will only be one piece of Gilded Ginger growing per in-game day. Once 5 a.m. hits, that piece will despawn if not uprooted and a new one will spawn in one of the 74 locations.
My advice for this part is to build a teleporter near the entrance to the Glass Desert and link it to your ranch. This way, you start your hunt for Gilded Ginger by simply entering the teleporter at 5 a.m. sharp. If you can’t get a teleport, I suggest you leave your ranch at around 2 a.m. and start heading to the Glass Desert on foot / jetpack so you can get there at around 5 a.m. in time for the hunt. I can’t stress enough how handy a teleporter will be for this phase, since you’ll be doing this step several times.



Regardless of your method of transportation, now that you’re in the Glass Desert, get hold of that list of locations I mentioned earlier. If you prefer to not leave Steam, you can use this guide instead.
Make a path that connects most or all the Gilded Ginger locations that exist. I drew on the map the path that I usually take, in case you don’t want to make your own.


If you want, you can also place teleporters on locations that are hard to reach, though I personally never felt the need for them. Keep in mind you’ll need some decent jetpack upgrades to reach some of these places.


All you need to do now is to follow your path until you find a Gilded Ginger. Once you do, you can go back to your ranch since the next Gilded Ginger won’t spawn until 5 a.m. again. If it happens to be almost 5 a.m. by the time you finish your search, you might want to stick around for a little longer (you’ll need more than 1 Gilded Ginger, so you might like this tiny trick) – Gilded Ginger will never spawn next to your character, so by staying in a spot with some of its spawn locations nearby you can guarantee that it won’t spawn there, meaning you can skip those locations altogether. I don’t know what the range of the spawn prohibition is, so use this trick at your own discretion.


Once at your ranch, shoot the Gilded Ginger into the Gordo Snare.


Wait one or two in-game days (you can use this time to look for more Gilded Ginger, you’ll need it) or use the “Sleep Until Morning” feature. When you come back, you might just have this big fella waiting for you!


Setting up your ranch

Now that you caught your Gold Gordo, you’ll need to place at least one slime stage nearby. By placing more than once you’ll be making it easier to catch Gold Slimes later and you’ll be able to ranch more than a Gold Slime at a time.


All that’s left of the setup is to gather 3 Gilded Ginger, hence why getting those teleporters set up is handy.

Catching the Gold Slimes

A very interesting thing about Gold Gordos is that they pop 10 Gold Slimes when fed 3 Gilded Ginger.
In the gif below I'm actually facing the Gordo when it pops but I advise you to get behind it right after feeding him the last Gilded Ginger - you'll need to be fast.


When the Gordo pops you'll have a bunch of Gold Slimes on your feet. Use your Pulse to blast the slimes in the direction of your Slime Stages and hopefully at least one will land there. If they don't, reposition yourself and keep trying.


If you don't want to use your Pulse you can also pull the slime towards you with your vac, but you'll have to be careful to not get too close or they'll despawn. They'll also despawn after a little bit on their own, so you really have to be fast. Also, be careful when using your vac because you might remove a Gold Slime that was already on a stage.


And that's it! You now have your own Gold Slime!


Gold Slime Maintenance

The worst part about all of this is that you can't keep a Gold Slime for long, at least not a happy one anyway. As soon as you try to feed your Gold Slime, it will jump off the stage and run away, dropping it's Plorts. So, if you want to keep your slimes, you'll have to let them starve :’(
If anyone knows of a way to feed them while keeping them around, feel free to share! :D


Thanks for reading!


• Get a Gordo Snare
• Get Slime Stages
• Place Gilded Ginger on it
• Sleep Until Morning
• Feed the Gold Gordo 3 Gilded Ginger
• Pull / Push the Gold Slimes into the stages
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Re: How to keep a Gold Slime in your ranch (The Gordo Way)

Postby PrismSlime » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:33 am

you forgot the final step, where they get shoved off as soon as you activate gadget mode again.
If you want a Gordo as big as possible before starting to tremble, feed it 21 of any food that isn't its favorite!

*I make a note to only post original ideas that I haven't seen others suggest.
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Re: How to keep a Gold Slime in your ranch (The Gordo Way)

Postby WaffleMelon » Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:35 pm

PrismSlime wrote:you forgot the final step, where they get shoved off as soon as you activate gadget mode again.

They do? Well that really sucks, guess you can only keep them for a while then :p Added that info to the guide, thanks :)
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Re: How to keep a Gold Slime in your ranch (The Gordo Way)

Postby GravityCat » Sat Mar 10, 2018 2:12 pm

You're welcome for the map :^)

In all seriousness though, yeah this is a pretty fun way to keep a Gold Slime on display. Shame about Gadget Mode disabling the #1 Slime Stage though.
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