Possible New Mode? (Idea)

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Possible New Mode? (Idea)

Postby Spyrophantom » Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:08 am

like many people here, ive played Slime Rancher a majority of the time, but something has always seemed a bit off about it...

It seemed too....Easy, in standard modes.

Yes, ive seen them add a more "Casual" mode for those that cant handle the Tarr, but i think what we need is a far harsher mode, with more things to do and work on, something that cant be done in one IRL days worth of playtime..

I Propose: The Restoration Project.

similar to how you restore back the Glass Desert in the normal game, but instead of using the Magical Water to get the plants back, you use the Plorts of its respective Slime, and instead of it just being in the Glass Desert, its Everywhere.

You use the Plorts to restore back the natural slime population, which each slime making a stepping stone to get the rarest slime back into the planet!

additionally, there are more complicated things you as the rancher is going to need to worry about with your slimes, such as Habitat and Temperature Emulation/Regulation for your Corals and Farms, Special Vac Upgrades to help capture certain slimes (i.e Fire slimes = Thermal Vac upgrade, any potential Ice slime = CryoVac upgrade), Passive Slime Effects (i.e Honey Slimes = Sticky *slowed Movement*, Fire Slimes = Burnt *damage over time*.

New Location: Frost Peaks

A snowy ans almost desolate place, only a small few ranchers have been to the ice covered mountains in search for rare slimes that hide up there, with its freezing temperatures, your going to need more that what your wearing to make it safely up.

New Slimes

Snow Slime

The Snow slime is the calmer slime on the cliff sides on the Frost Peaks, its gentle fluffy outer coating protects the slime inside from the harshness of the mountains blizzards. Your going to need a Vac upgrade to keep this slime from becoming a Puddle slime before you get back home

Favorite food: Snow Peas (Veggie)

Plortomics: Weather Silulation

Rancher risks: make sure it doesn't melt, wont last long in warm temperatures

Ice Slime

The Ice slime, with its sharp icicles on its head, aren't the kindest or slime up here, but similar to the Snow Slime, it wont survive in warm climates. They like to hide in groups of Three or Four, along the Ice coated cliffs, waiting for its prey.

Favorite Food: Mountain Hen (Meat)

Plortomics: Ice Makers, Weather Simulation, protective Gear

Rancher Risks:make sure it doesn't melt, wont last long in warm temperatures, Avoid Spikes.

Draconian Slime

Its Fiery nature makes it far harder to find this slime up in the mountains, hiding in caves away from the snow, blending in into the walls, waiting for anyone to come by and try to steal the Dragon fruit, Naturally Territorial of its caves and trees, it will attack anything on sight, but a little food should keep them at bay.

Favorite Food: Dragon Fruit (Fruit)

Plortomics: Fireplaces, Fireproof clothes, Thermal stuff

Rancher Risks: Like the Hunter Slime, it will go Feral if not feed, and will set the ground ablaze if angered

Im deeply sorry that this post was so long, just had alot of ideas to let lose, Comment any other Suggestions, Additions, and or other things
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Re: Possible New Mode? (Idea)

Postby EmeraldPlay » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:52 am

Nice ideas, but I think the Ice Slimes should have more risks to them so that they don't resemble Snow Slimes as much.
A harder game mode is already coming. The Iron Rancher mode will be added with the update 1.2.0.
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Re: Possible New Mode? (Idea)

Postby Randomtangle » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:56 pm





I choose Charmander.
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