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Slime Rancher - v1.1.0

Postby Nick » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:16 pm


Ogden’s Wild Update has arrived! Slime Rancher v1.1.0 contains a dangerous, new zone to explore, missions to undertake from Ogden Ortiz, the feral descendants of the long-extinct saber slime, and more!

The Wilds:
The Wilds are a new zone that’s home to a horde of feral saber slime largos. You can access The Wilds after receiving an invitation from Ogden Ortiz to visit his retreat at the edge of The Wilds. Ogden will then hire you to acquire delicious kookadoba fruits from The Wilds and reward you for doing so.

- Ogden will send you a starmail inviting you to his retreat after you successfully complete at least one Range Exchange with him, unlock the Moss Blanket, and unlock the Overgrowth.
- Working for Ogden is conducted through a modified Range Exchange on his retreat. Ogden will ask you for three progressively larger hauls of kookadoba fruit, rewarding you for each, as well as a small reward for every three kookadoba.
- Unlike the Range Exchange, there is no time limit associated with any Ogden requests on the retreat.
- Rewards include miracle mix, a deluxe garden upgrade, and finally, the keys to the retreat itself!
- Kookadoba fruit grows exclusively in The Wilds in random locations. It grows back over time, so if The Wilds are plucked clean of kookadoba, you’ll need to let a couple days to pass for them to fully regrow.
- Some kookadoba can be found in the curious mudballs created by saber slimes. These mudballs must be taken to a kookacracker in The Wilds in order to get to the fruit inside. Kookacrackers are scattered across The Wilds.
- The warp network to The Wilds is buggy and highly unreliable! Be prepared when venturing to The Wilds as you will warp into one of four locations with no immediate means of exiting. Only by reaching one of three exit teleporters will you be able to escape. Additionally, The Wilds is so far off the grid that your map will not work. This may seem like a contrivance to make things more difficult but like, no, it’s totally because of LORE.

New Range Exchange:
The Range Exchange has received a visual overhaul, its rewards adjusted, and its timing tuned.
- The 24 hour timer on the Range Exchange now begins only after accepting a Range Exchange offer.
- After the introductory offers from all ranchers, the daily Range Exchange offer will be a choice between two ranchers.
- All Range Exchange offers have been rebalanced, and also include newbuck rewards.
- The presentation of the Range Exchange has been changed to imply a more direct form of communication with each rancher. Curiously though, one of them still relies on typed messages…

Casual Mode:
A new game mode has been added for players that want to use Slime Rancher to truly relax. Casual Mode is a wholly separate game mode that mirrors Adventure Mode, save for the complete lack of tarr slimes, and reduced feral slime aggressiveness. In Casual Mode, largo slimes cannot eat a second plort, and feral slimes will not perform their patented feral slime butt stomp.

Please note that given the lack of tarr, some achievements may not be obtainable in Casual Mode.

Other Changes:
- The Plort Market has received a visual overhaul to fit saber plorts, as well as other plorts down the road…
- The sound effects when depositing plorts into the Plort Market now have a much more exciting sound effect.
- Saber slime largos can be found in The Wilds. To date, no original saber slimes have ever been found.
- Increased the speed in which you can vac fruit off trees.
- Spicy tofu can be obtained from Ogden. Spicy tofu is a universal food item that any slime can consume and does not affect hunger levels, allowing you to feed slimes repeatedly.
- A bunch of new deco gadgets can be discovered in The Wilds.
- Gordo slimes on the range that have been fed at least once will now appear on the map.
- Phase lemon trees planted in gardens will now act like normal fruit trees and not require phasing the lemons into reality. We altered the way space and time worked in order to make this QOL change. No big deal.
- Adjusted some effects on shooting items from the vacpack and depositing plorts in the market.
- Created a more realistic handling of garden contents after returning to the ranch after a long time.
- Fire slimes have lost the ants in their pants and no longer leap at toys. It was getting them killed. Let that be a lesson to all of you.
- Deleting a game file now requires a press and hold action to reduce the likelihood of accidental deletion.
- A small vac cyclone-like swirl will now appear in the top right of the screen when an autosave is triggered. Quickly pressing down and start when you see it WILL NOT warp you to the lair of smoke slimes.
- Added an overscan adjustment options setting.
- Resolution options setting now includes refresh rate options if your display is able to use multiple rates at a given resolution.
- Added gamepad deadzone options setting.
- Updated underlying version of the Unity game engine - this could result in some useful optimizations and bugfixes but may also cause some minor/subtle changes to physics in the world. Please let us know!
- Various other physics and rendering optimizations to improve performance.
- Added stego buddies to the slime toy shop, favored by saber slimes.
- Added a great deal more extra details to the 7Zee Rewards Club Lab upgrade.
- Replaced lucky slime rocket fuel with extra newbucks: lucky slimes will now not launch themselves as high, but reward much more newbucks.
- Feral slimes now sometimes stop and glare at you rather than jumping and attacking in order to not feel like such a relentless mob.
- Reduced tangle slime’s vine grab radius by 33%.
- Added a single slime key to the upgrade shop upon completing Adventure Mode. This key is intended for anyone that may have lost a key during our early access development, or for someone who simply can't find that last key out there. Please note that if you now use every key on every door and buy this extra key, you will always have one extra key.

- Fixed bug where Tarr were occasionally playing some incorrect non-Tarr slime sounds. Though adorable, it had to change.
- Fixed bug where Tarr music or Oasis music would sometimes start upon starting a new game.
- Fixed bug where slimes in a corral with a music box would stay soothed after demolishing the corral and music box. I mean, sometimes you just can’t get a song out of your head...
- Fixed bug where ranch door open/close sound would not play.
- Fixed bug where player hitting the slime sea/sand sea did not play a sound effect.
- Fixed bug where grass and flowers would sometimes inherit the darkness from ambient occlusion from things behind them.
- Fixed bug where pressing Esc repeatedly on leaving the ranch house would restart the fade-in sequence of leaving the house.
- Fixed bug where snared desert gordos were requiring less food than their wild brethren before popping.
- Fixed a bug where chickens could be stuck under a ramp in the overgrowth.
- Fixed a bug where feral slimes could sometimes seem to get stuck to the front of the player before doing their bite.
- Fixed a bug where crates in the ruins would not roll from a full set of items.
- Fixed bug where puddle slimes and rubber duckies could get trapped due to a 7Z upgrade of the Docks.
- Fixed some bugs where slimes could sometimes launch themselves out of a tight spot due to various interactions such as eating or carrying food.
- Fixed a bug where the intro Range Exchange requests for ranchers could sometimes be overridden with one intended for later. This of course, was very difficult to discern with BOb.
- Fixed bug where food was sometimes left in the world when returning to the ranch and slimes should have eaten that food.
- Fixed some settings causing some icons to look incorrect in the Slimepedia at certain resolutions.
- Fixed some slightly incorrect nighttime lighting settings.
- Fixed bug where it was sometimes possible to shoot small resources into/through the ground.
- Fixed a bug where trees in the ruins were not displaying correctly when viewed from a distance.
- Fixed bug where the hat trick achievement was not awarded when gilded ginger was eaten by a gold slime.
- Fixed bug where boom slime booms would push echoes out of place. However, having seen the amazing fireworks displays some players created, we’re committed to remaking that awesome discovery in a future update in a more formal capacity.
- Fixed bug where reloading a game when already in the slime sea did not always return the player to the ranch.
- Fixed bug where desert slime toys were not part of the second tier 7Z slime toys rewards list.
- Fixed some instances of crystal slime crowns looking like rock crowns.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes the roostro wouldn’t call in the morning. This was solved by getting a roostro for that roostro who ensures that the original roostro is awake on time.

And for more details on future Slime Rancher updates, be sure to check out the development roadmap here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=448

October 20, 2017 - Slime Rancher v1.1.0b
A bugfix patch was issued today to address a few smaller issues, as well as to begin address a larger, standing issue.

While this patch will not fix a save file that is currently unusable, it should mitigate future occurrences of the issue, so we decided to push this update now. We hope to have a solution for the unusable save files issues as soon as a fix is available. Thank you for your patience.

- Fixed bug where a behavior used by saber/tabby/hunter slimes could sometimes cause them to get into an invalid position which could lead to instability.
- Fixed a situation where gold slimes could sometimes fail to properly flee from Beatrix.
- Fixed saber plorts being missing from the refinery.
- Fixed a typo in the saber slime description.
- Fixed a typo in an Ogden dialogue message.
- Fixed hunter slimes not being willing to eat spicy tofu.
- Fixed saber slimes incorrectly having a favorite food.
- Fixed spicy tofu being a favorite of tangle slimes
- Fixed incorrect icon on spare slime key.
- Fixed bug where on Linux the game could sometimes attempt to change resolution resulting in a black screen.
- Fixed bug where Mac clients would show resolutions as running a 0Hz when the monitor was not reporting the refresh rate.

October 22, 2017 - Slime Rancher v1.1.0c
A bugfix patch was issued today to attempt to further fix the bugs related to teleporter crashes, and other similar actions. Please give us feedback if this patch helps you!

- We are disabling some very minor graphics optimizations we had activated in 1.1.0 because they appear to have been causing crashes for certain players (often around the time of teleporting), especially those with specific Radeon graphics cards. We are interested in whether this change in 1.1.0c is successfully preventing these crashes for those players who were having them.
- Add some better logging related to the slimes getting into invalid positions.
- Fix crash on the currently-existing unopenable game files. If you previously were unable to open a save this change may fix that.

October 26, 2017 - Slime Rancher v1.1.0d
v1.1.0d is now live and should resolve all teleporter bug crashes. Please mail if you are running v1.1.0d and still getting crashes when using teleporters.

October 31, 2017 - Slime Rancher v1.1.0e
- Fixed bug where certain effects, including boom slimes would sometimes cause crashes on some hardware.
- Fixed bug where Ogden was skipping his final dialogue sequence after getting his third reward. If you've already have the third reward, simply talk to him again and you'll see this dialogue.
- Made some adjustments to the rocks near the Plort Market.
- Fixed bug where Ogden's Greenhouse door was bigger than intended.
- Fixed bug where it was possible to get stuck in a particular hole in a cavern in The Wilds.
- Fixed bug where crates dropped against a certain ground area in the Reef were made of flubber. (They continually bounced.)
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