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Idea for a new zone, a new slime, and some other features!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:51 am
by MisfortuneRising
Thunder Gorge: The Thunder Gorge is by far the most terrifying and hazerdous zone on the Far, Far Range. It's location is farther out than the Glass Desert, and (just like the desert) is only acessable via instantanious travel. (Teleportation. But you already knew that. We just didn't want to reuse the same text from the Glass Desert entry.) Home to the eerie and unforgiving Electric Slimes, these slimes have more energy than any other slime on the range.

Electric Slime: These slimes are said to be quite SHOCKING. Get it? Cause they're electric? Yeah, we know. That joke is old.

Diet: Veggie

Favorite: Sparky Eggplant

Slimeology: The Electric Slime is a common slime that is native to the creepy and highly trecherous Thunder Gorge. These slimes never lose an ounce of energy due to the fact that they are constantly being fueled by the rapid and non-stop lightning storms that occur there. They also love playing around and zapping each other with moderately powerful bolts of lightning.

Rancher Risks: Electric Slimes do not take kindly to being vacced up and will zap you with a HIGHLY strong bolt of lightning if you're not cautious. Electric Slimes also produce more and higher amounts of electricity if not maintained properly. Also, just like Hunter Slime, the Electric Slime will become ferel as soon as it eats a plort. Be careful!

On The Ranch: A special corral upgrade is required to successfully maintain Electric Slimes. Without this upgrade, Electric Slimes will lose their energy in rapid succession, and when they have no energy left, they will short out and poof away. (Kinda like how the Quantum Slimes poof when they teleport or when their clones vanish.)

Plortonomics: Electric Plorts are highly valued (just like most other slime plorts) to make extremely durable generators for power outages and power plants back on Earth. However, these plorts have to be handled with absolute care and caution to avoid the person(s) dealing with them from being severely electrocuted. These plorts hold more energy currents than any normal battery or electricity source on Earth, which makes them also essential for longer lasting lights, machinery, and prevents faulty wiring in homes and in other locations.

Thunder Cloud Generator: The Thunder Cloud Generator is a special corral upgrade that is required to ranch Electric Slimes. (Note that the Thunder Cloud Generator will not shock you. It will only shock Electric Slimes to give them the energy that they need.) This generator will be constantly producing lightning spurts so that the Electric Slime will never run out of energy.

Rubber Suit: A special suit that contains 4 parts to it. The suit consists of a Rubber Mask, Rubber Bodysuit, Rubber Boots, and Rubber Gloves. The entire suit will be located in another treasure pod located behind the ranch house. This suit will protect you from being shocked by Electric Slimes when you're vaccing them up and will also protect you from the spontaneous lightning storms that pose a high threat level if you come unprepared.

Lightning Rods: Lightning Rods are a special Slime Science gadget that are only useful in the Thunder Gorge. Once placed, they will absorb a fair amount of electricity in the area. Just like the Extractor Class of Slime Science, there is a limit of 6 Lightning Rods that you can place down at a time. The Lightning Rod Blueprint is located in another treasure pod somewhere very secretly hidden in the Glass Desert.

Sparky Eggplant: A Veggie that has a ripping CURRENT of flavor in it. No? Ok. We'll stop with the bad puns.

Food Type: Veggie

Favored By: Electric Slime

About: The Sparky Eggplant is a strange veggie that is said to be created simply by a normal eggplant being violently zapped by a bolt of lightning. Curiously, this did not destroy or bring much harm to the veggie, as it's DNA structure has a trait that makes it highly resistant to any form of damage. (Except the Incinerator.) There used to be normal eggplants in the Thunder Gorge, but they stopped growing ages ago for an unknown reason. However, a highly intelligent Slime Scientist soon discovered that the essence of the eggplant still loomed in the Thunder Gorge. (Nobody knows how or why that works. Not even the most intelligent Slime Scientists.) Soon enough, eggplants started growing again, only this time they were infused with electric currents and started reproducing just like any other veggies.

On The Ranch: Deposit a Sparky Eggplant into a garden's depositor to begin growing a large Sparky Eggplant crop of your very own!

Re: Idea for a new zone, a new slime, and some other feature

PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:32 pm
by Slimerancherfan03
Great idea I hope this gets added!

Re: Idea for a new zone, a new slime, and some other feature

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:23 am
by MisfortuneRising
Thank you for the support! That means a lot and it's much appreciated! :)

Re: Idea for a new zone, a new slime, and some other feature

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:20 am
by MisfortuneRising
Slimerancherfan03 wrote:Great idea I hope this gets added!

Thanks for the support! That means a lot to me and it's extremely appreciated! :)

Re: Idea for a new zone, a new slime, and some other feature

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 5:57 pm
by tyrantlemon55
Great idea, but it belongs in Creative or Slime design.