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Slime Rancher Development Roadmap

Postby Nick » Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:16 pm

The following is a broad roadmap of what we expect to develop over the next few content updates. In between these updates there will likely be minor updates, bugfixes and other tweaks.

Please note that the development roadmap is subject to change and does not include everything in development for Slime Rancher. Additionally, the updates listed below may be released in multiple stages.

The Glass Desert
The Glass Desert acts as Slime Rancher's 'end game' zone and features more explorable space and additional challenges not found in previous zones. The desert is a barren wasteland covered in giant, twisted glass structures that create ultra-hot anomalies in the environment.

However, this harsh environment has little hints of what once was, and Beatrix may be the key to bring it back.

Mosaic Slime
The mosaic slimes is encrusted with beautiful patches of glass and is capable of creating heat anomalies similar to the hazards found in the desert.

Dervish Slime
The dervish slime can create troublesome whirlwinds and even ride them!

Tangle Slime
The tangle slime is a strange, plant/slime hybrid whose flowers emit a noxious cloud of pollen.

Fire Slime
The fire slime is a little, burning oil slick that dines on ash.

New Resources
These new slimes have to eat, after all: the silver parsnip, prickle pear, and painted hen joins the food chain, as well as new desert-exclusive Slime Science resources.

New Gadgets
We're adding more extractors, teleporters, warp depots, deco, and gordo snares, as well as some new, unique gadgets like the Market Link.

More 7Zee Rewards
Existing ranks of the 7Zee Rewards Club will have even more prizes, like the Ultra Dash Boots and the Golden Sureshot.

New Skybox
A dynamic, 3d skybox with dawn and dusk will be added.

Hello Beatrix
We'll finally be making some art that will finally let you put a face to the name. Hint: she's NOT secretly a corgi.

Adventure Mode Conclusion
Though Slime Rancher isn't a story-focused game, Hobson and Casey's little narratives will be wrapped up.

Additional Unannounced Features
There's a couple additional features we'd like to keep secret.

Future Content
We're currently gathering plans for future content updates after v1.0.0 and will announce them when we're ready. Just know that Slime Rancher development will continue after v1.0.0!

(Roadmap last updated June 9, 2017)
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