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Slime Rancher Development Roadmap

PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:16 pm
by Nick
The following is a broad roadmap of what we expect to develop for future content updates. In between these updates there will likely be minor updates, bugfixes and other tweaks.

Please note that the development roadmap is subject to change (especially content scheduled further out!) and does not include everything in development for Slime Rancher. Additionally, the updates listed below may be released in multiple stages.

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What's Next

The next update to Slime Rancher (1.4.2) is currently in development. This release will bring some new bits of content, but it will not be a rancher-focused update. 1.4.2 is primarily focused on improving performance, adding a few community-requested features, plus some additional back-end tweaking.

More Adventures to Come

There are even more Slime Rancher adventures in development, but we’re not ready to reveal them just yet! Look forward to getting a peek of what we have planned… when we’re ready ;)

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You can also join in on the conversations happening over on the community-run Slime Rancher Discord and Subreddit!

(Roadmap last updated March 20, 2020)