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Slime Rancher Development Roadmap

Postby Nick » Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:16 pm

The following is a broad roadmap of what we expect to develop for future content updates. In between these updates there will likely be minor updates, bugfixes and other tweaks.

Please note that the development roadmap is subject to change (especially content scheduled further out!) and does not include everything in development for Slime Rancher. Additionally, the updates listed below may be released in multiple stages.

v1.3.1 - The Optimized Update
The Optimized Update is designed to improve overall performance of Slime Rancher. Yes, even though we're nearly 3 years out from initial release, we're still hard at work to make Slime Rancher the best possible experience for everyone!

Engine Upgrade
We'll be upgrading Slime Rancher to Unity 2018 to take advantage of numerous performance improvements. In particular, performance on Xbox One should be noticeably improved.

Drone Improvements
Drones will be receiving a few improvements to give more options for free ranging ranchers, deliver to refineries, and feed fire slimes effectively.

New Translations
Our French translation will be receiving a complete overhaul and we'll also be adding an official Korean translation!

Other Fixes
There's a slew of other small fixes and optimizations we'll be packing in to 1.3.1 that while small on their own, should add up to a better experience.

Slime Rancher: VR Playground
A VR Playground will be released on Steam as free DLC for Slime Rancher in the fall of 2018! The VR Playground allows you to experience a little bit of Slime Rancher, hang out with slimes, or just sit in the flowers and relax. ... layground/

v1.4.0 - Viktor's Experimental Update
Viktor's Slime-ulations
Join Viktor Humphries and test a virtual simulation of the Far, Far Range. Well, a work-in-progress version anyway. You see, his work is hitting a wall because of the numerous bugs in the code as well as an unusual phenomenon: glitches that take the form of... slimes? In any case, help him sort the issue out and you'll be rewarded with some nice upgrades and even a new ranch expansion!

Glitch Slimes
Glitch slimes have been discovered living inside Viktor's Slime-ulations and it's up to you to help him quarantine them before they spread! But like any bug, glitch slimes can be tricky to find: they are often hiding in plain sight, pretending to be objects or other slimes in the virtual Far, Far Range. You'll need a keen eye and a full tank of Viktor's patented debug spray to get the job done!

New Gadgets
It wouldn't be a very science-y update without new slime science gadgets, and Viktor's update will include a chicken cloner, deluxe drones, and more!

Other New Things
Viktor's Experimental Update is shaping up to be a pretty big update and there's even more packed into it that we won't reveal until later.

Beyond v1.4.0...
More updates are planned for after v1.4.0, but for now, it's a secret to everybody.

(Roadmap last updated Sep 18, 2018)
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