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Slime Rancher Development Roadmap

Postby Nick » Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:16 pm

The following is a broad roadmap of what we expect to develop over the next few content updates. In between these updates there will likely be minor updates, bugfixes and other tweaks.

Please note that the development roadmap is subject to change and does not include everything in development for Slime Rancher. Additionally, the updates listed below may be released in multiple stages.

The Ruins
A new zone will be added that bridges the Indigo Quarry and Moss Blanket. The mysterious Ruins will play an important part in ultimately reaching the Glass Desert.

Quantum Slime
A resident of the Ruins, the quantum slime has a complicated relationship with our current reality. Corralling them is definitely a challenge for any rancher.

Phase Lemons
A new resource will be added that the quantum slime favors. Acquiring them will require pulling them in from a different reality!

Ranch Mortgage
A new feature will allow Beatrix to slowly pay off her ranch, receiving special rewards along the way.

Letters From Home
We’ll learn a bit more about Beatrix, and what she left behind.

Ranch Expansion
A new ranch expansion with additional empty ranch plots will be added.

The Glass Desert
The Glass Desert acts as Slime Rancher's 'end game' zone and features more explorable space and additional challenges not found in previous zones.

Meteor Slime, Mosaic Slime, and ??? Slime
The desert contains a new 'trinity' of slimes, featuring a fruit, veggie and meat eater.

New Resources
These new slimes have to eat, after all.

Hello Beatrix
We'll finally be making some art that will finally let you put a face to the name. Hint: she's NOT secretly a corgi.

Additional Unannounced Features
More will be revealed as we get closer to this release.

Not Scheduled/Between Major Updates
- More Slime Science gadgets
- More treasure pods
- 5-Day Rush update and possible new game modes
- More achievements
- New skybox and weather effects

(Roadmap last updated February 8, 2016)
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