Largo Abilities (v0.6.0)

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Largo Abilities (v0.6.0)

Postby z0mbiesrock » Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:58 am

We all know that when you mix two different slimes, you get a Largo slime.

The Largos would behave like the slimes that makeup the Largo. (i.e. A Rock Tabby Largo rolls AND boops, while also having a painful crown of rock spikes!)

To further make Largos much more unique from their components, they should have unique special abilities or other strange features, which would make them more challenging or balanced.

I have a created a thread like this before, but this is an updated version to include all the new largoable slimes.

Largo Abilities
  • Pink Rock Largo: 4x damage from contact/rolling
  • Pink Tabby Largo: Attaches to head and blinds Beatrix after a successful Boop.
  • Pink Honey Largo: All of its plorts are super-attractive, and reduces nearby slimes' agitation.
  • Pink Boom Largo: Propels itself upward with each explosion.
  • Pink Rad Largo: 2x faster Rad exposure
  • Pink Hunter Largo: Plorts are near-invisible (You'd have to get REALLY close to see them).
  • Pink Phosphor Largo: 3x longer sun exposure before disintegrating.
  • Pink Crystal Largo: Upon contact, Beatrix loses an additional 100 health over 20 seconds. Disables regeneration over that time, as well.
  • Pink Quantum Largo: Eats its Quantum Plorts if highly agitated, becoming "those awful ravenous rainbows" as a result. Bug turned feature? Maybe a joke :P
  • Pink Mosaic Largo: Mesmerizes non-largo slimes, causing them to follow it excitedly.
  • Pink Dervish Largo: Flies using its twister as lift.
  • Pink Tangle Largo: Immune to pollen, and sprays it constantly.
  • Rock Tabby Largo: Boops hurt.
  • Honey Tabby Largo: Jumps twice as often and slows Beatrix's movement temporarily.
  • Boom Tabby Largo: Explodes upon a successful Boop!
  • Phosphor Tabby Largo: Protects nearby Phosphor slimes/Largos from despawning. Doesn't affect itself.
  • Tabby Rad Largo: Rad exposure immediately jumps to 100 when Booped.
  • Tabby Hunter Largo: Totally invisible from a certain distance.
  • Tabby Crystal Largo: Coats food with crystals, preserving fruits and veggies but prevents coated food from being vac'd safely. Only crystal slimes/largos can eat crystal-coated food, and crystal coating is removed with water.
  • Quantum Tabby Largo: Ghosts behave like the real thing (and are more lifelike, AND have the original's accessories, if any)
  • Tabby Mosaic Largo: Boops have lots of knockback on Beatrix.
  • Tabby Dervish Largo: Creates temporary furballs that clog and disable the vac-gun for several seconds.
  • Tangle Tabby Largo: Immobilizes Beatrix with a grass tendril, then boops her.
  • Phosphor Rock Largo: Plorts damage Beatrix when stepped on.
  • Honey Phosphor Largo: Tarrs will prioritize this slime over all others.
  • Boom Phosphor Largo: Blinds Beatrix if she took damage from the explosion.
  • Rad Phosphor Largo: Rad Exposure continues to rise for a short time even after exiting the aura.
  • Hunter Phosphor Largo: Creates a blinding flash as it turns invisible.
  • Phosphor Crystal Largo: Crystal are luminescent, and attract slimes to them.
  • Quantum Phosphor Largo: Has no less than ten ghosts active at any one time.
  • Phosphor Mosaic Largo: Spawns glints constantly, but only few fall to become fireballs.
  • Dervish Phosphor Largo: Hates confined spaces; will always escape a corral; never stops flying
  • Tangle Phosphor Largo: Fires a tendril from its body that act as a grappling hook to transport it far distances quicker, like a SpiderMan!
  • Rock Honey Largo: Slows down Beatrix if she is hurt by the Largo.
  • Rock Boom Largo: Dangerous shrapnel flies in all directions from the Largo.
  • Rock Rad Largo: Immediate damage plus periodic damage over time.
  • Rock Hunter Largo: Steers toward Beatrix if rolling while invisible.
  • Rock Crystal Largo: Leaves a trail of hazardous crystal wherever it roams. Contact damage quintupled.
  • Rock Quantum Largo: Senses nearby hungry slimes/largos and brings food to them. It does this by picking up a food item without eating it, then sending a ghost to their location and teleporting to that ghost. The largo then drops the food for its recipient to eat.
  • Rock Mosaic Largo: When rolling, a trail of fire is created. These largos also roll twice as fast.
  • Rock Dervish Largo: Scatters debris around its tornado. Debris may damage Beatrix slightly.
  • Rock Tangle Largo: Rolling lets it climb walls.
  • Honey Boom Largo: Temporarily immobilizes Beatrix and drains all energy reserves if she is caught in the explosion.
  • Honey Rad Largo: Nearby slimes will also emit a Rad aura.
  • Honey Hunter Largo: Leaves a trail of goo that slows Beatrix when stepped on.
  • Honey Crystal Largo: Creates a fake plort along with its other plorts after eating. The fake plort can be fed to veggie-eating slimes/largos. This largo will not eat the fake plorts.
  • Honey Quantum Largo: Walking into a ghost pops it and immobilizes Beatrix temporarily. Tarrs fall for the ghost decoys and pop if they eat a ghost from this largo.
  • Honey Mosaic Largo: Tarrs will avoid this largo and cannot eat it. They will still try to eat it if the largo is launched at it.
  • Honey Dervish Largo: Greedily devours any fruit it picks up with its tornado, producing even more plorts.
  • Honey Tangle Largo: Slimes exposed to its pollen have decreased agitation, but once exposed, they're addicted and taking them away from the largo causes their agitation to rapidly increase. Honey slimes/largos are immune to addiction.
  • Hunter Boom Largo: Explodes as it becomes or stops being invisibile.
  • Rad Hunter Largo: 3x larger Rad aura.
  • Crystal Hunter Largo: Sends a wave of crystals towards Beatrix if they're feral. Crystals it creates are launched into the air.
  • Quantum Hunter Largo: If hungey, agitated, or feral, it can INSTANTLY teleport between its ghosts. Ghosts move three times as fast.
  • Mosaic Hunter Largo: Creates physical illusionary copies that can't eat but pop when splashed, but can attack Beatrix if the original is feral.
  • Hunter Dervish Largo: Spawns smaller cyclones that disorient Beatrix.
  • Tangle Hunter Largo: If feral, it will immobilize Beatrix with a tangle vine, and attack. Its pollen will also cause other largos and even slimes to turn on Beatrix! It only emits pollen when feral. Becomes agitated twice as quickly as other slimes/largos. Only enjoys toys if both favorite toy types are present.
  • Rad Boom Largo: OHKOs Beatrix if she's caught in the explosion. Explosions leave a temporary "Rad Fallout Sphere". 5x larger explosion radius if outside of a corral or hungry. Explosions also kill Tarr instantly, if they are caught in the explosion.
  • Crystal Boom Largo: Crystals it creates create large damaging explosions upon expiring or being splashed with water.
  • Quantum Boom Largo: Food and/or slimes within a radius around the largo end up teleporting with it. Affected entities occasionally glitch vertically (to distinguish from normal quantum slime glitching, which is horizontal)
  • Boom Mosaic Largo: Creates a firestorm with each explosion, but only if it's on solid ground when it explodes. Firestorm does not produce additional glints.
  • Boom Dervish Largo: Tornadoes and cyclones disappear with a forceful shockwave that sends things flying.
  • Boom Tangle Largo: Sprays pollen over a very large radius with each explosion.
  • Crystal Quantum Largo: Creates twice as many crystals, but half of them will be incorporeal and glitch horizontally.
  • Crystal Mosaic Largo: Glints that collapse create crystal spikes when they land and ignite.
  • Crystal Dervish Largo: Slimes near its tornadoes or cyclones become agitated due to the shards flying around.
  • Crystal Tangle Largo: Creates a ring of crystal spikes wherever its vines pop out.
  • Quantum Mosaic Largo: Ghosts that fade burst into flames.
  • Quantum Dervish Largo: Objects near it randomly teleport around the Largo.
  • Quantum Tangle Largo: Grabs itself with its vine, then burrows to pop up next to the food.
  • Tangle Dervish Largo: Arms extra tangle vines to random food items; attempting to vac trapped items or getting near them will trigger the vines to send the item to the largo.
  • Mosaic Tangle Largo: Collapsing glints become firestorms upon landing. After a vine grabs food and goes underground, a firestorm appears where the vine was. Glints spawned from resulting firestorms behave as normal. Firestorms behave like normal ones from the Glass Desert.

Any questions? Discussions?
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Re: Largo Abilities (v0.6.0)

Postby thekitkatking » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:27 am

for the mosaic/tangle largo what do you mean by firestorm. like what size?
seriously though, why isn't this game #1 game of the year yet?
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Re: Largo Abilities (v0.6.0)

Postby z0mbiesrock » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:42 am

thekitkatking wrote:for the mosaic/tangle largo what do you mean by firestorm. like what size?

The firestorms are like the ones that appear in the Glass Desert/
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Re: Largo Abilities (v0.6.0)

Postby thekitkatking » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:34 am

so. you forget to feed them, so they light your entire ranch on fire
seriously though, why isn't this game #1 game of the year yet?
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Re: Largo Abilities (v0.6.0)

Postby GreatRancher » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:27 am

If only this were real, I could probably pass this game to my most favourite game, but I still have nostalgic feelings.
Edit:Also, there are things that should be changed for being a little bit "Too hardcore".
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Re: Largo Abilities (v0.6.0)

Postby Java » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:41 am

person: slime rancher should be harder here are some ideas
*devs make it harder*
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Re: Largo Abilities (v0.6.0)

Postby Azazel » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:19 am

Some of those abilities might be a lot of coding work, at a glance.

On the subject of more unique largos though, I've actually been juggling the idea of a separate "largopedia" where each type of largo gets its own entry, a "nickname", and a tidbit of description how these largos behave in the wild.

Like, Boom-Rads would be nicknamed "warhead largos", Tabby-Hunters are "rogue largos", Pink-Rocks are "jellystone largos", etc.
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