What do Monomi Park think of the mods made for there game

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What do Monomi Park think of the mods made for there game

Postby Chutoy22 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:10 pm

I've seen that Monomi Park doesn't like mods for there game but why?
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Postby EmeraldPlay » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:00 pm

You've got it wrong.

Monomi Park doesn't hate mods, they just don't support them.
It's also discouraged to make them, as the game is currently in Early Access and they complicate things.

I'll quote their stance on modding from the FAQ here:
Monomi Park wrote:Can I mod Slime Rancher with modding tools?
Though we may support modding one day in an official capacity, we are currently focused on delivering the game we've planned for our players. So our stance on modding at Monomi Park is that there is no official means to mod Slime Rancher at this time and we do not officially support it. You are free to do it on your own, but we are under no obligation to support you in doing so or any issues you encounter with your altered game. This bears repeating: by modding your game you may be forfeiting support from Monomi Park if you experience technical issues.

The reason for this is we have little way of knowing what was done to your game and cannot use development time attempting to solve it. Monomi Park is a small studio and there are no resources available to assist you with a modded game.

Additionally any mods that are used to simply access unreleased content is very much frowned upon. We're working very hard to deliver exciting content updates to our players and distributing mods that allow access to incomplete versions of this content is bad for us and for players waiting patiently for it.

It is also worth stressing to those who are unfamiliar with modding that any mod runs the risk of destroying your game state, can include security risks to your computer and data, and has the chance of not functioning with future game updates.

As a final thought, we don't want to give you the impression that Monomi Park dislikes mods or modders. But we are currently in an Early Access development period where we are trying to deliver a stable, solid experience to our players. Mods simply greatly complicate things and we don't have the resources to manage them that at this time. We hope you understand.
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