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Customizable auto feeder. IDEA

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:30 am
by NoticeMeGenki
I think it's a well accepted fact that the auto-feeders are pretty crap the way they work now. I suggest making them customizable. Obviously the number of slimes you choose to house need a diffrent amount of food to be despenced each time, to avoid leaving some slimes hungry or letting food go to waist when there is to much food being despenced. I think alowing the player to choose exactly how many food items get despenced per cycle would be very handy. Pair this with a better release timer, one that would only release equal to the time it takes for slimes to get hungry and drooly (not sure how long it takes for a slime to go from full to hungry but I'm pretty sure it's longer than an in-game hour, at least it better be!) would make the auto feeders very efficient .