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Rambling Feedback

Postby Dogrock » Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:31 pm

Exploring is so fun. Handy use of the jetpack can get you just about anywhere in the map. However, this also means that if there's a barrier to progression that's just a high wall it's very easy to get around. But it did allow for some neat exploration of areas that were included, but don't have slimes. I really hope to see the full map someday.

That said, too much exploring reveals how the game is loading and unloading chunks of landscape. I noticed that since the ranch's land plots never unload (probably so we don't lose our carefully collected slimes) they could be seen from a great distance away. Floating in the sky without a care. Might need some more fog.

I would love to play this game in a split-screen or couch co-op style. Double vac/slime chaos seems like it would be very fun. I tried streaming to my Shield TV and the sizing on a TV screen was really good for the regular gameplay interface. Text in menus was a bit small. However, the game refuses to respond to a game pad unless pad is plugged into the source PC. Odd since the Shield controller loads and works fine in the game, just not with remote play. It might just be easier to have an Android TV build of the game to play directly. Other times when playing with a game pad everything worked well and I didn't have to think about the button layout to understand it. An option to invert the y-axis look would also be much appreciated.

Any building plots very close to walls have a chance of becoming frustrating if converted into upgraded corals. For example, in the Grotto area the first plot to the right will result in the auto-feeder port against the wall, leaving a thin aiming zone to actually get foodstuffs inside it. I think a bit more space between land plots and walls are needed.

I also found the auto-feeder wasn't that useful. It was generally easier to just litter the floor of a coral with food. This way I could see from any angle and at a distance how the food situation was in a coral. Also the auto-feeder just seemed to dispense food faster than my slimes could eat it, resulting in the same scenario anyway.

The Incinerator also wasn't that useful since the surrounding water has the same effect. I just punted unwanted slimes or tarr over my house and into the ocean. I didn't have any trouble grabbing non-vac objects, so long as you don't count losing a bit of health by smacking myself in the face with largo rock slimes.

I also tried an experiment with free roaming slimes in the Overgrowth. I put 50 Pink slimes into the area and used a pair of Scare Slime equipped gardens to keep them away from the entry area. Sadly it seems like they all disappear if I go to far away. Only corralled slimes remained. Sad since it seemed like the area had enough built in spawning food sources to sustain a decent population.

I found out Tarrs have a finite lifespan. I tried collecting a few in a coral only to watch them expire. No love for a crazy rancher?

Though at the end of the day I think the ranch was quite successful.
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