A couple of suggestions

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A couple of suggestions

Postby spacepuffin » Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:12 am

I really found this game immersive, and fun (especially for pre-alpha).

However, at first I got confused, and got lost a lot. One of the main elements of this game is discovery and exploration, and I really like that. A suggestion is to maybe add a mapping/cartography mechanic, in which as you explore an area you mark it down on a map. Then maybe have the map shown lke a minimap on the top right hand corner of your screen. This could even be an upgrade to your vac pack that you need to buy, as it only gets really confusing later on in the game. This would be a very helpful feature for younger audiences, and less experienced gamers (and me)

Also, I found it annoying to feed the slimes, as even when they were hungry and there was food on the ground (their food group, as well) in their corral, they didn't even bother to go eat it. The auto-feeder does help a little bit, as it fires food at them and if it hits them, then they eat it. But when the auto-feeder misses, the food goes to waste like normal. I found that this is especially bad for boom slimes, as even when the hen hens walk into them, or they walk into the hen hens, they don't eat them. Another thing is that if you have a garden with scareslime, then the slimes in adjacent corrals try to run away, causing them to hug the corral wall, not pick up food on the ground, and also glitch against the walls, such as somehow getting stuck in the walls and repeatedly jumping until it somehow builds enough momentum to clip right through the air net, without even damaging it. Then they fly up into the air, flying really high up, then finally, and inevitably, falling down (really far away, as well) to its slimy, salty, wet demise.

My favourite slimes are puddle slime, because they are really easy to care for, and are basically free income XD

thanks, Spacepuffin
- Spacepuffin
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Re: A couple of suggestions

Postby Nick » Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:46 pm

Thanks very much for the feedback.

Slimes sometimes will have a little difficulty identifying valid food in their immediate area because of the way their targeting works. Something we're hoping to smooth out down the road.
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