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Miabot's Adventures

Postby Miabot » Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:52 am

I'll be documenting my experiences and opinions of Slime Rancher here. For background, I'm a casual gamer that makes TONS of mistakes such as buying pricey items that I don't need (totally guilty already), dying randomly, not properly reading instructions, and very often, panicking!!! I hope my adventures help contribute to your development. :)

The laptop I'm playing on is... not the best! It's a touch screen Dell Inspiron 3147 that a friend gave to me since my personal laptop died to water damage. If you want more info on it (RAM, etc.) let me know since I'm not too familiar with what information is important.

Slime Rancher was very laggy for me. Moving the vac around was glitchy until I turned down the settings (yay!). After that, the game ran very smoothly!!! I experimented with different buttons before the instructions appeared (my bad) and ran off the cliff into the water. I guess one could say I was "testing the waters". I purposely wanted to understand the boundaries in the game and lost a day because of it. Woopsies!

Slime Catching
Catching slimes is harder than you think! I would want to gather all the kitty slimes BUT NO. Darn large slimes and pink slimes kept preventing me, but that's the glory of it. It would be too easy if there wasn't an incredibly large pink kitty slime hugging your vac. And with limited inventory, I always had to consider which one was more important: food or slimes...? In general, using the vac is pretty simple and caused me to use large slimes as bazooka ammo as I push them away. Wee~

Slime Herding
OMG PINK SLIMES EVERYWHERE BUT HOW DO I PUT THEM IN THE PEN?! Since the pen was classified as "high wall", I assumed I had to shoot over the wall and hope that the slimes miraculously land inside them... Thank goodness that's not the case! After a few tries of "throwing slimes" over fences, I've realized the simplicity of it all... Woopsies again.

TAR... TAR??? TAR!!! It was in the middle of the night in the canyon and a tar appeared. WHAT DO I DO WITH TAR? Yelling and flailing my tiny fingers across the keyboard, I was lost. Since it was also dark, I had great difficulties trying to get back to the ranch so I "died". I insisted on having an incinerator on the ranch, believing that is the best solution (not really). It did come on handy when tar appeared on the ranch though! After reading more about them, I assumed I had to hold them over the water holes (nope). After a few attempts and random vaccuming, I'd discovered that I COULD HAVE WATER IN MY INVENTORY... Woopsies! I'm glad that I figured out how to eliminate them but I will still yell...

Ranch Expansion
Remember how I mentioned that I buy things I don't need at the moment? Well, one of the first things I bought was a ranch expansion... This has caused many problems since I started to run out of food for the slimes nor had enough pens to contain them (darn slimes piling on top of each other for escape....). I've decided to make another file to compensate for my mistakes so hopefully this second file is better with budget managing!

Thoughts So Far
Everything is super cute! I especially enjoy watching slimes grow, experimenting different combinations of slimes! The game play is simple and nice to play leisurely. I did realize that I especially lose track of in hopes of creating the best ranch for me.

That is it for now! I will write more as I play more ^^
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Re: Miabot's Adventures

Postby Nick » Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:09 pm

Thank you for the great feedback, Mia. Accident prone is totally cool. Sometimes I think SR is nothing but a series of accidents strung together into a single adventure :)
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