A Few Key Tips

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A Few Key Tips

Postby Nick » Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:58 pm

Here's a few tips for playing this build, including a couple of things we don't yet make explicit in game:

- You can shoot slimes and resources from your vacpack through a corral or coop barrier, but slimes and resources cannot pass through it on their own, in or out of the corral or coop. Makes it much easier to feed and wrangle slimes.

- Large objects such as largos (combined slimes) and boxes will stick on to the end of your vacpack's nozzle if the vac button is held, like the Half-Life gravity gun. You can then shoot them where you like.

- If you decide to raise chickens, make it a priority to find a rooster.

- Exploration becomes much easier with even the basic jetpack upgrade from the shop.

- Press R to toggle the location of your house if you get lost exploring.

- Press F to goggle the flashlight on/off. However we haven't really ironed out the kinks on that one and the lighting might misbehave when using it.

Happy ranching!
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