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Postby TurtleDuDe48 » Tue Sep 27, 2022 3:21 am

I've really been enjoying playing through the sequel. It Just feels like both a more polished and streamlined experience.

-Map design has improved significantly (comparing the dry reef to the rainbow fields is like night and day) Area transitions feel smooth like butter.
-Graphically the game has seen a big revamp and i must say it is even more charming than the original.
-Upgrade to the amount of tanks within the Vacpac has been implemented!!!
-Module upgrades can't just be bought but actually require effort to obtain
-Slime science resource collection is no longer entirely dependant on extractors, although i'm still hoping to see them return for the sake of convenience

What's next? An upcoming underwater expansion? Fish Fish? Slime aquariums? hahaha...
a man can dream... a man can dream...

thought what has been done to the tarr theme is kind of saddening. it would've been much nicer had the old theme been remixed to fit the slime rancher 2 soundtrack vibe instead of booting it completely. just my 2 cents though, can't get used to the new one.

So many small changes and improvements. and yet the main slime rancher gameplay loop remains unchanged. feels just like more slime rancher and i'm loving it. In summary can't wait to see what new stuff comes out. already loving the new slime variety. And we're finally seeing more utility of the shade upgrade. i could go on for hours how much i've been loving playing through this new game but i doubt anyone would even want to read my disorganized ramblings.
all credit for drawing the Crystal slime belongs to Hachiseiko.

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