[Suggestion]Protective Free-Range Walls in Ranch Expansions

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[Suggestion]Protective Free-Range Walls in Ranch Expansions

Postby James110508 » Wed May 27, 2020 7:34 pm

TL;DR Allow players to purchase, or earn through another expansion turn-in mission, the ability to have medium size force field walls around the borders of the land that meet the ocean. This would prevent largos from committing mass suicide when attempting to free-range ranch in these areas. Developers could use the existing red force field asset that prevented players from accessing the expansions before they earned it from Mochi and Ogden.

Free range slime ranching was something introduced during the tutorial when starting a new ranch, but I really struggled with finding the ideal area to free range ranch, that was until I found out about Mochi Manor and Ogden’s Retreat. These absolutely beautiful ranch expansions looked like the perfect place to safely let my slimes roam freely... but then I finally unlocked them and realized the only thing stopping my slimes from committing suicide by jumping into the ocean was a three feet stone wall at Mochi Manor, and not even that at Ogden’s Retreat.

Fast forward about five hours of gameplay. I began exploring the glass desert and managed to snag some dervish and tangle slimes; incredibly cool slimes that would make a perfect test to my free ranch largo idea! What occurred over the next three hours was a mass suicide of over approximately twenty largos. It wasn’t even the spinning around high up into the air that killed them. I’d simply turn around and find a largo just teetering on the edge, contemplating whether or not it was worth jumping into the water.

Which is when I began to think about the barrier that stopped us from entering the expansions before being given permission. If we were to somehow “harness” this barrier energy and use it to erect a force field high enough to stop Largos from simply jumping overboard, it would prevent the loss of so many slime lives. What’s even better is that the energy barrier was invisible until you got very close to it, which would prevent the concern that those expansions would lose their beauty behind an ugly red force field.
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Re: [Suggestion]Protective Free-Range Walls in Ranch Expansi

Postby vionai » Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:03 pm

I proposed a suggestion similar to this a year or so ago. I think we should have the option to fence in every area of the ranch, including he main one. Heck, they already have little post behind the house that could act as fence post.

I'd love it if it was something you could buy or earn with z rewards or something. I've always wanted to free range slimes but I find they often just commit suicide constantly and it's difficult to free range.
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