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Update Requests

Postby txc0019 » Sat May 23, 2020 3:45 pm

I would like a Jurassic World Update. I would like 3 special slimes added first the Electric slime if a person gets to close it will shock you doing 20 damage and it's diet will be fruit it's favorite food will be pogofruit next is the Bone slime if you get to close charge at you it's diet will be Meat it's favorite food will be new the boney chicken and finaly the portal slime if you touch it you will instantly get knocked out the diet will be everything favorite will be new the portal fruit which you can find in the glass desert all 3 of those slimes will be found at the spirals at the docks but it's 50/100 percent chance of spawning you can use there plorts to get to Jurassic world but you need a machine and place it in the center of the unused portal temple at the glass desert the machine will be the time radar to make it you'll need 5 primeority oil 20 new fossils which you can get from the drill 7 quantum plorts 1 new ancient clock which you can get from the aveary and there will be 12 new dinosaur slimes which you can decide but 1 of them will be the indominus slime diet meat favorite new dodo bird the rest of the update you can decide.
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