Why people are still asking for multiplayer

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Why people are still asking for multiplayer

Postby Moreminds2005 » Sat Nov 02, 2019 2:04 pm

Just because Monomi Park said "anything is possible with your support" doesn't mean multiplayer will come to Slime Rancher. It is nice to give support, but don't spam posts about wanting multiplayer. It won't happen.

Personally, I think multiplayer is a bad idea. The game would be way too easy, even with only 2 people. Player 1 would go and explore freely, while player 2 stays back at the Ranch feeding slimes, selling plorts, watering drones, you get the point.

As most people know, multiplayer would be too hard and too buggy to implement. I am not talking about the Slime-ulation, I am talking about unintended bugs like cloning or whatever.

So, multiplayer will most likely not come (don't criticize me on saying "most likely") to Slime Rancher. It is the developers' decision.

I am very sorry for sounding so harsh and cruel.
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Re: Why people are still asking for multiplayer

Postby akkamaddi » Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:20 pm

These are all my opinions....

Part of it is that is the general movement of video games these days. MMO's and battle royal type games are very popular, and we can all name a dozen.

I think another part of it is that this game has a really loyal fan base, and it would be fun to play along with each other.

I do agree with everything you said. The main thing that would make me push back, though, is that I think a free-for-all in the Slimeulations would be an absolute blast. I don't have the twitch reflexes for most FPS's and would just be a boat anchor on the online games, but I would immediately jump into that free for all.

I also think there are ways to brush up against collaborative play, like the large collective Exchange tasks I suggested a while back, and another suggested everyone playing as slimes. Personally, I would like to see some element where I can contribute to a collective goal, see the contributions of others so I can see their presence, and feel like "we" reached a goal. That's a far far cry from multiplayer, though.


We could all buy 500 copies of the game, and then Monomi would have enough money to invest in an online MMO Far Far World. :-)
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