The Golden Chicken (Idea)

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The Golden Chicken (Idea)

Postby DtyOfficial » Sun Jun 30, 2019 10:56 am

The Golden Chicken (Male)
So I was thinking of some ideas and I thought of the Golden Chicken. This chicken would be found in the farther section of the Glass Desert, only unlock-able by a key. This Golden Chicken would spawn in a natural chicken coop (or nest whatever its called) by itself. The chance of this happening would be very slim.

What can you do with it?
The Golden Chicken when given to a slime would make that slime produce 8 of its plorts, when given to a largo it would make the largo produce 4 of each of the slime's plorts. When given to a gordo it would automatically pop. You can also put it in a coop and it would produce 2x faster than normal roostros.

Why add it to the game?
I think the Golden Chicken would put use to the chicken cloner as currently there is no useful things to do with it. Begin able to possibly clone a golden chicken would be a huge win, rather than just getting another hen hen. It could also be a way to start off a largo coral. For example if I wanted tangle - mosaic largos but I could only find one tangle (they are rare without ancient water) I could feed it a golden chicken and feed the plorts to the mosaic slimes. Yes I could do this without a golden chicken but this would be a lot faster. They are a lot of other reasons but they just make everything more convenient.

Feel free to say your thoughts and opinions by replying below.
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