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Suggestions for the Future

Postby justinl3141 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:53 am

So I don't really have much, but I will probably add onto this thread. Also if you have a suggestion that you would like the developers to see, go ahead and reply to this thread. So here are my suggestions:

1) Make it so that the drones can use the warp depots (ex: let's say you have one area to be for only crops, you can have it use the warp depots to put in and another take it out.)

2) Increase the number of drones allowed in an area so that you can have complete automation.

3) Add another tier to the gardens making them more efficient.

That's all I have for now, but as I said earlier, I will be adding more to this thread.
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Re: Suggestions for the Future

Postby Purplecharmanderz » Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:06 am

1) definitely agree, although its more work than it may seem to be given how the game's catchup system is coded.
2) 2 could automate an area easily, we can effectivey have 4 since 1.4.0 dropped, so i think this is already done.
3) 46 food items a day per garden is enough to feed 11 largos completely a day with 2 extra, or 23 if only going half fed (with a music box and toy this keeps quantums calm, but is effectively the same plort profit so sorta inefficient.) Per garden. Not really needing more efficiency at this point without getting into ridiculous levels. Hell going for the pogo fruit trees its 60 a day per garden (same goes for carrots and off onions), or 60 fire plorts per garden (filling 15 starving fires.)

Gardens really don't need another buff.
Same username as I have on discord. I do no damage challenges if you have ideas for those feel free to share
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Re: Suggestions for the Future

Postby Braincoke » Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:30 am

I feel like the autofeeder needs a change bc it throws out 48 food per day on highest speed (Would be perfect for 12 Largos), but gardens only give 46 per day which makes it inefficient, especially with more corrals bc I found that with 3 corrals, ones autofeeder gets empty after a while...
I don't know if giving food directly into the corrals (11 slimes) instead of in the autofeeder would work, but I doubt it with more than 1 corral...
It really should be more transparent how drones work in food distribution and I think there should be a change in it...
Or maybe set garden's output per cycle to 24 (with deluxe upgrade) instead of 23...
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Re: Suggestions for the Future

Postby Skirakzalus » Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:12 pm

1) That would be pretty cool. Don't know what I'd exactly do with it but right now the warp depots are rather useless, so a new functionality for them would be welcome.

2) Dunno about that. I was pretty happy with having 2 per area. It meant that you still had to think about how to optimize automation. You could get pretty far by limiting each area to one type of food.
Then have one drone pick up and distribute food and the other handle the plort. Almost feel like having advanced drones is slightly overpowered at this point.

3) Don't know if that's really needed unless you want to provide food for multiple corals with one garden.

I got a few little suggestions of my own that I'd like to throw in:

An upgrade option for the vac pack that let's us fill or empty an entire slot at once. You stand in front of the market with a stack of plorts? Gone in one click. Got half a stack of plort in the collector? Grab as much as you can carry (or how much is in there) right away.
Think that could come in as an expensive option mid game where emptying the inventory starts taking a while with the raised capacity.

How about some options to make largo slimes more efficient or have them give other items (if more was to be added) if a certain criteria is met? Could be a bonus if you feed the largos the favourite food of both slimes they consist of or a special slime if you cross two slimes that eat the same type of food. That could encourage another play style than just crossing them in a way that they are easy to feed.
I personally usually try to avoid using chickens because I don't really know how to farm them effective, but with an incentive to get into that things would be different.

And since you usually check a lot of places fequently how about chain teleporters? The way these would work is that you set up a few of the same colour, let's say four. You go through the first one you placed and come out the second one. You go back in there and come out the third. You use that to get to the forth, which will port you back to the first. Would definitely help keeping all those drones going.

Also maybe something for the treasure pods. I love exploring and it's nice that the devs put some things in nieche places. Problem is that when I find a pod early in the game I can't really do anything with it and have to leave it behind, hopefully finding it again once I have the tool to open it.
Think it would be nice if you could either mark the unopened pods on your map or pick them up and put them in a special silo or so.
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