How Multiplayer Might Work, but not be complex.

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How Multiplayer Might Work, but not be complex.

Postby RadSlime3000 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:07 am

If you read the title, you'll know this is another "pls ad multiplier plz!1" thing. but it's not.
I want to introduce a method of multiplayer that isn't nearly as complex as it could be, with multiple humans on the same ranch.
note that i said humans.
Anyways, this entire idea revolves around two Slime Science gadgets that you unlock to purchase after "beating" the game.

Peculiar Drone
A Drone that does not turn on by itself, does not require water, and simply projects a code above it when you push the button on it's dock. when you try to input the code into your Odd Control Panel, it gets rejected..

Odd Control Panel
It's a basic control panel, with a joystick, B and A buttons. it has a small keyboard on it below the panel, and a space to input a code. it doesn't seem to do anything by itself, and you don't recall finding a code (outside of your Peculiar Drone's code) anywhere...

If it wasn't somewhat obvious, you need to input your friend's Peculiar Drone code into your Odd Control Panel. doing so lets you take control of your friend's drone.

Drone Controls/Interactions
Like all drones, it only has one inventory slot. it cannot interact with slimes, and it cannot interact with water. however, this specific type of drone can interact with things such as Spark Shots and Debug Spray. this also means they can dock into slots in Victor's Lab to enter the Slimeulation, and can assist with the Quicksilver Slimes at mochi's manor. this also means they can go through portals. They also have semi-infinite flight, with the only restriction being a pseudo-energy meter that prevents you from flying for too long.

Or, y'know, Viktor could fix the slimeulation after you turn in all those bug reports, and you can just hop into the slimeulation with other players and go ham with the resources ya got in there.

Feedback/Ideas would be appreciated, as this is a somewhat rough concept that could be refined.

And yes, i know Multiplayer is not planned for a good while. i'm just saying a way it could be implemented without giving players full access to every part of someone else's ranch.
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Re: How Multiplayer Might Work, but not be complex.

Postby SlimeCone99 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:23 am

Nice! Got a bit confused on the peculiar drone part
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