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New Biome?

Postby DedKatEDM » Thu May 23, 2019 7:21 am

New Biome: The Frosty Forrest
Other names: Frosty Forrest, Icy Plains, Frozen Steppe,

So, we all know of the Indigo Quary, Dry Reef, Moss Blanket, Glass Desert, and Ancient Ruins right? Well... How about a new biome? I am thinking of a new Arctic themed biome a little South East from the Indigo Quary, bringing some new cute possibly fluffy slimes. I have decided on South East of the Indigo Quary as being a kinda chilly place and I want the new addition to the main landmass partially because I feel that the wilds and mannor are kinda just mini games instead of a new area.

So, slimes. Not to get too far ahead but maybe have a yeti themed slime and snow or ice themed slime. Maybe an ice slime can turn into a puddle slime if left in the sun/warm area for an amount of time. Not really thinking about fruit, since fruit doesnt go well with cold, but some veggies. A great idea for a veggie might be Ice burg lettuce (lol). We could even have a slime that can eat other smaller slimes. (since a lot of tundra animals have to hunt and stuff.)

Lastly, some new game mechanics might be nice. I really think a weather system would be a great addition to the already great game. Some snowfall in this new biome, some occasional snow flurries, lots of rainfall in the Moss Blanket, Maybe moderate ash falls in the Indigo Quary. (Due to the volcano) Not really thinking of weather for the Dry Reef due to being the Dry Reef, and some occasional sandstorms in the Glass Desert. Also having a rare Solar and/or Lunar Eclipse might be cool, having higher chances of Tarr spawns, and spawning Phosphor Slimes and making some rarer slimes more common.

EDIT: Rain might also harm Tarr.

I hope you guys take this into consideration. Thank you for your great game,
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