Alternate interpretation of two doors

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Alternate interpretation of two doors

Postby spritelessGirl » Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:05 am

I have hidden the ingame text, highlight to read.

"These strange, glass doors are a good reminder that you can't always have both. Hit the switch over there all you want, and both doors will never be open.

Some times you've gotta choose one path or another and there's no way around it. But you know what? Either path you choose is going to make someone hurt for want of walking the other.

Life is full of doors like these.


There is... another possibility. The ancient ruins are all about manipulating the two doors. Perhaps those who created it found a way to have both. In one path, they stay, caretakers of the slimes, and the ruins are instead temples. They tend lemon trees, but will trade the lemons for another fruit; they value a little variety in their humdrum lives.

In this path, they left. The energies involved in leaving were great enough that pillars of energy stay frozen, and the same color as the temple's doors. Also, fire tornadoes. Those were a surprise since I didn't see the trailers. Perhaps the Mosaic slimes were engineered to channel this energy.

But the path that doesn't cross us, they could have kept the whole area an oasis.
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