I'm back and you probably aren't happy (i'mnotsureboutthis)

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I'm back and you probably aren't happy (i'mnotsureboutthis)

Postby RedPepperCookie » Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:45 pm

You may be asking about the title...
i haven't been online because i have been embarrassed about what i said (and i feel i shouldn't have posted this...) I dunno if i acted like a 5 year old.... just like every first person who just knew about forums.
I- I dont even know what im saying anymore... what am i....
Point is, i don't feel that the people here are... y'know... social? well i'm not talking about IRL, i'm talking about online stuff, I'm very shy, quiet and a Nerd, but when i'm online i'm a completely different person, I want to make online friends! since i don't have much real life friends... i have like 7.. but i do have a lot online friends that i lost count.
It was very long ago since i posted my first topic and i felt that even if i was close to the top nobody was paying attention to me or wanting to meet me or anything! (that's another reason why i left) they were just carrying on with their day, maybe im ¿over-reacting? a little but i feel 3 times more than an average person (i have asperger's and depression so....) if you read all of this then... thanks for listening.
i feel nobody will understand a thing that i said... :/ (i was shaking my hands before posting this...)
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Re: I'm back and you probably aren't happy (i'mnotsureboutth

Postby SlimeCone99 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:22 am

Don't worry dude not everyone holds a grudge against you, well I don't even know what you've said a long time ago
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