Ridiculous Steam Game Storage Sizes

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Ridiculous Steam Game Storage Sizes

Postby Lionmeow » Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:46 pm

So I was cleaning out my hard drive (because I only had like 40 gbs left), and I realized that I should uninstall any Steam games that I don't use (as they take up lots of storage). I clicked the uninstall button for ARK: Survival Evolved, and slowly recorded how much data it was using. Guess what? 123 Gigs! Now I know what has been taking up all of my storage space. Another thing: 60 Seconds. A small game where you try to survive the nuclear apocalypse and sit there for around 60 days slowly going through the game. And I remind you, this is mostly just you sitting looking at a gif of the main characters blinking while you read a diary and think about what to do. This took up 60 gigabytes of space. Now I have 202 gigabytes. And I also know what has been taking them up.
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