disaster evogame part 2

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disaster evogame part 2

Postby rabbitslime » Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:57 am

Due to the success of the first evogame, I thought of starting a new one that runs parallel to the first evogame. It occurs a 1000+ years after the events of slime rancher, by then the ranch is either completely abandoned, maintained by drones or was passed down to Beatrix's descendants. I just hope that this forum game becomes acceptable.

part 2: mossy mountain
Both Indigo quarry and moss blanket are now non-existent. The 2 archipelagos drifted into each other and collided, thus forming mossy mountain. Hunter slimes now live alongside crystal slimes, but both are not part of the evogame. The area is extremely dangerous as there are rainstorms, earthquakes, mudslides, landslides and a new disaster called 'overgrow', whereas the plants in the area grow so much that a slime can't find food that is normally near it.

The contestants are:
pink slime pogo-fruit carrot hen hen
rock slime heartbeet
tabby slime stony hen
phosphor slime cuberry
rad slime oca oca
boom slime briar hen
honey slime mint mango

Each slime and food source must adapt to the harsh environment provided by rainstorms, earthquakes, landslides and the dreaded 'overgrow' disasters as scripted here:

A rainstorm occurs 8 posts from now
2 posts after the rainstorm, an earthquake occurs
6 posts after the earthquake, another rainstorm
2 posts after the rainstorm, the overgrow disaster occurs (slimes who can't make their own food, or is fat, starves)
4 posts after the overgrow disaster, another earthquake occurs
2 posts after the earthquake, a landslide occurs
6 posts after the landslide, both an earthquake and rainstorm occurs
2 posts after those 2 disasters, a mudslide occurs
4 posts after the mudslide, another rainstorm
2 posts after the rainstorm, another overgrow
after the overgrow, the cycle repeats, but instead of 8 posts, its 6 posts

All the players have to do is make each slime and their food source adapt to the incoming disaster and possibly all disasters
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Re: disaster evogame part 2

Postby GoldenLucky99 » Wed Jul 25, 2018 5:09 pm

(This doesn't count as a post, but I just wanted to ash why you didn't just host a new game in the original Disaster Evogame thread? Just wondering. I will play this sometime soon, as it also looks fun.)
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Re: disaster evogame part 2

Postby rabbitslime » Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:56 pm

(I'm not that good at making forum games, I may as well ask to have this thread deleted. I could place part 2 in the original evogame if players stop posting. on that thread. Also keep a checklist to see which slime has evolved to cope with the next disaster. Maybe add the honey, boom and rad slimes on the next evogame)
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