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No monies

Postby Slimes4Fun » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:52 am

I go to steam "I want to buy soundtrack for slime rancher"
Look at wallet $2.50

I cri
Blitzkrieg anyone?
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Re: No monies

Postby TheGreciansHousehold » Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:03 pm

My Fanon-Lore Posts

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
- Albert Einstein

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Re: No monies

Postby tyrantlemon55 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:46 pm

Now I will play a sad song on the world's smallest violin.
my profile pic's eyes glow brighter than my future.

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Re: No monies

Postby CrazeePi » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:04 am

CrazeePi wrote:
CrazeePi wrote:
CrazeePi wrote:
CrazeePi wrote:
CrazeePi wrote:Ok then.
Remember, don't shoot food, unless you shoot food at slimes.

One slime two slime rad slime boom slime.
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