Crossover: Slimes in Outlast 2

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Crossover: Slimes in Outlast 2

Postby Lightvsdark777 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:33 pm

Spoilers for Outlast 2 below, so if you don't want spoilers, click away!
Also, there's a bit of graphic content, so be warned.

In Outlast 2, slimes don't really make a big impact on the story, but change a couple things about the Testament of the New Ezekiel and its splinter groups, a couple extra chases are added in, being a rock-tabby largo trained to hunt defectors and heretics by the Testament of the New Ezekiel, a feral hunter-mosaic largo, and tarr. Lots of tarr. LOTS OF THEM.
Out of all the slimes in Temple Gate, Phosphor, Rock, Tangle, and Gold slimes are always seen in their hidden colors. The abrupt flashes of light don't seem to affect slimes when they happen. All the light does to them is startle them. As for the changes in the cult, there are several minor changes present. The Testament of the New Ezekiel sees them with indifference, usually letting the harmless ones stay and shooing away the more harmful slimes like Boom Slimes and Mosaic Slimes. The cult also takes great care in disposing of plorts so as to not create any tarr or unwanted largos. The creation of largos seems to be in the more dangerous interests of the cult, creating hunter or tabby largos and starving them until they turn feral, then unleashing them on their enemies. This is shown when Marta, one of the more prominent followers unleashes a feral slime on Ethan, a character that shows Blake hospitality. Sometimes, the cult throws dangerous slimes like Rock Slimes and Rad Slimes into houses Blake is in through windows, but this almost always does not end with the desired result. The Heretics are similar with their treatment of slimes, but are less lenient with the plorts thing. As a result, it is implied that tarr incidents are uncommon, with tarr residue being found in the mines where they live. The Scalled don't have enough resources and are careless with how they dispose of the plorts, which ends up being their downfall during Blake's escape from The Scalled as a HUGE outbreak of tarr starts to rapidly spread throughout the quarantine area. One of these tarr ends up killing and eating Larid Byron, leader of The Scalled, and indirectly killing his mount Nick Tremblay.

Most slimes act as they do in Slime Rancher, being found mostly everywhere throughout the game, with more of them being found in the main town. Strange, pale slimes with blank expressions appear in Blake's hallucinations of the school he used to go to, and these slimes pop up in real life during the very end of the game.
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