Escape the Other Prison

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Escape the Other Prison

Postby GoldenLucky99 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:40 pm

Out of everyone in this forum, only about a third of you probably remember Escape the Prison, InterestingKookadoba's first and final forum game. It ended up having 15 pages in total, so I'll bring it back for everyone, cause, why not? In case you do not know the rules, I will recap you on them using Kookadoba's exact words:
InterestingKookadoba wrote:Escape the Prison will be like this. You start off in the prison and you have to escape. You do something to escape,the next person throws you in jail again and that same person has to try to escape again and it keeps on going.

Ex. I get out using a robot

Next person:The robot debunks you and throws you in the prison
Same Person:I use a hammer

I'll start:I use a jackhammer

Here is how I replied.
GoldenLucky99 wrote:The jackhammer is actually a person named Jack and has a toy plastic hammer.

I use my face to bang out of prison.

Then he would reply, saying,
InterestingKookadoba wrote:Your face breaks into two and you can't see for a century

I squeeze through the food hole and escape

This continues, etc.

Anyways, we'll pick up from last time:

LuDroidman wrote:I use the power of blap to destroy everyone around me.
I'm back again!!!!
After literally, like, one, what a monster I am

I hate the 255 limi

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