[Slime Suggestion] Cubic Slime (REPOST)

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[Slime Suggestion] Cubic Slime (REPOST)

Postby z0mbiesrock » Fri Jan 29, 2016 2:56 pm

Plort Starting value: 25

Usual Habitat: Indigo Quarry; Rarely in Glass Desert

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Cubic Slime
(A yellow, cubed slime with shaded edges)

Joke/Pun: These slimes can get quite dicey.*

Diet: Veggies

Favorite: Boxradish

Slimeology: Cubic slimes are unusual in their shape because they take on a crystalline and boxlike appearance. It is believed to be an adaptation to avoid rolling off the platforming chasms of their main habitat. They are vegetarian, and have a preference to the cubical Boxradish. Being cubes, these slimes have an easier time stacking on top of each other to reach food or escape corrals. Their normal form of locomotion is by shuffling across the ground similar to snails and slugs, rather than by hopping; however, they are still able to jump in order to get past some obstacles or stack.

Ranchers should be aware that it will be much easier for cubic slimes to escape because of their shape. Also, although they can be vac'd normally, their shape may cause them to block the opening, meaning it may take multiple attempts to grab them. Although ranchers may find Cubic slime largos helpful in scaling higher areas without having to use their Jetpack, the risk for Tarr makes it quite challenging to use them for this purpose, especially in the wild.

Plortonomics: Cubic plorts are cubed in shape, just like the slime that produces them. On Earth, cubic plorts are smelted into a durable concrete used for paving roads, building houses, and reinforcing tectonically unstable structures such as skyscrapers. The concrete made from cubic plorts is lighter, harder, and can support much more weight than normal concrete. It is even mixed with Blue Metal made from rock plorts to build bunkers rumored by cosmologists to even survive the far future evolution of Earth's homestar.
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Re: [Slime Suggestion] Cubic Slime (REPOST)

Postby Yukionnal » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:58 pm

All of your slime ideas are pretty kewl I hafta say
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