[Slime Suggestion] Shark Slime (REPOST)

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[Slime Suggestion] Shark Slime (REPOST)

Postby z0mbiesrock » Fri Jan 29, 2016 2:56 pm

This post triggered this idea.

Plort Starting value: 40

Usual Habitat: Lake Ooze (Area has not been implemented yet)


Shark Slime
(gray with white belly.)

I-It's not like it wants to eat you. Baka.*

Meat, Fish(NYI), and Ranchers

Hen Fish

Shark Slimes are quite nasty slimes. They live in water, and devour any unlucky victim that treads their territory. When there is large prey, they swarm toward the prey in a feeding frenzy.

Largos can be formed with Shark slimes and their plorts, and the largos can survive on land with no risk to their health.

Ranchers must exercise great caution when gathering Shark Slimes. They will attack any creature, and will frenzy when they find rancher in their waters. Shark slimes will also die if they are outside of water, bursting into 4 Shark Plorts when they perish.

Shark plorts are used to create durable swimming and diving suits for underwater purposes. The plorts are also used for drills and various sharp tools.
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Re: [Slime Suggestion] Shark Slime (REPOST)

Postby Yukionnal » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:58 pm

Oh meh god cute and evil at the same time x.x
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