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Slime Genetics!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:23 am
by JaydenRocks101
So, here is my idea

New Items: Glass (It's found when fire storms occur in the Glass Desert), Distilled Plorts ( Make sure for each slime type)
New Slime Science Items: Splicer ( Splits Distilled Plorts into an item for each of the traits/abilities of Slime it came from) { Recipe: 5x Glass, 2x Quantum Plort} , Gene Gun( You equip the spliced plorts with the right attribute, then shoot it at any slime for them to obtain said attributes) { Obtained by completing one of Viktor's quests}

New Slimes: Mimic slime (Turns into other slimes, but with a few differences.), Mutation Slime(Created when you give genes to a single slime Five times) ( Also, if a new gene is brought in, a SUPER TARR will be created!)