The Ocean Slime

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The Ocean Slime

Postby zprue24 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 12:23 pm

(I am doing back on back slime ideas cuz i have so many! This is also for my Slime Sea area.)

Ocean Slime

(Basically the puddle slime before it got the model change)

Slimepedia Entry: Too big to keep one in your boot, but you can put them in your shirt to keep you cool, but that's weirder, though.

Diet: Salt Water
Favorite: (none)

Slimeology: The cousins of the Puddle Slime, these ones roam the open ocean!

Rancher Risks: If they are outside of a body of water for too long, they'll dry up. And they will explode in a fresh water pond! So it's best to get the aquarium upgrade for your Corral!

Plortonomics: The Ocean Slime is also made of the compound known has H2Ohhhhh. Making it and it's plorts even more sought for by the elite of Earth, much like the puddle slimes!
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