REPOST [Slime Suggestion] Pyro Slime

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REPOST [Slime Suggestion] Pyro Slime

Postby Blazekop12 » Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:53 am

Plort starting value would be 25

2/10 spawning chance instead of rock slime near a lava lake in the Indigo Quarry.

Introducing the Pyro Slime

Keeps you warm and toasty


Favorite:Burned Beet (Obtain these by throwing heart beets into an incinerator, which would get another option to burn fruits and veggies.)

Slimeology:Made when a rock slime fell into a lava pit in the Indigo Quarry, Pyro Slimes started to co-exist alongside the rock slimes. The Rock Slime that fell into the pit melted, and it's rocky crown was replaced by an infinite flame. The Pyro Slimes are similar to rock slimes, and could be considered siblings to the rock specimens. Many scientists have studied the Pyro-Slime, and have made the simple conclusion that Pyro-Slimes have the same behavior as a Rock-Slime, and are actually just another form of the Rock Slime. Even though they are essentially a melted rock-slime, the general public back at earth adores them.

Risks: These slimes are the polar opposite of the Puddle slime, and if a puddle slime comes in contact with one, they evaporate. If a Pyro-Slime comes in contact with water, it will also become a rock slime. Otherwise, Pyro-Slimes are pretty easy to keep.

Plortonomics: The Pyro-Plorts are an oddball, and have many uses. Back at earth, these plorts can be used as an easy fuel and can spice up foods to an extreme. The Pyro-plorts rival the honey plorts and pink plorts in the food industry, and are overall very useful.

Made with DeltaStorm's guide.
Pyro Slime.png
Special thanks to Hachiseiko! ^-^
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Re: REPOST [Slime Suggestion] Pyro Slime

Postby Kaite20 » Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:56 am

I'd love these guys in my corral! They may deal damage if you touch it, though... they are made out of fire, after all.
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Re: REPOST [Slime Suggestion] Pyro Slime

Postby Nunn » Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:05 pm

They are really cute! That's some nice artwork!
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