My Slime Suggestions (Floral/Flower and Robot)

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My Slime Suggestions (Floral/Flower and Robot)

Postby Kaite20 » Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:34 am

Moved from HERE and HERE because of the new section.

Name: Flower/Floral Slimes

Appearance: Light green slimes with flowers on top of their heads. The flower varies by location.

Location: Just about anywhere, as long as there is light. Day-time exclusive.

Diet: Water

Possible Slimeology: A plant/slime hybrid, these slimes will grow anywhere from a special type of flowering plant where the sunlight hits just right. The flower accessory they don is the same breed as the flower they grow from, and varies by region. Try to collect all the different types!

Possible Plortonomics: The plorts from these slimes are often used for perfumes, body cleansers, and as a condiment for salads and tea, depending on the flower of the plort's owner.

Other information:

-These slimes fall asleep in dark conditions. Solar lights will have to be used to keep them awake.

-Cacti Slimes show up in dry areas, and can roll to attack just like the Rock Slimes.

-Lotus Slimes show up in wet areas, and have to live in ponds instead.

Name: Robot Slimes

Appearance: Has both metal components and squishy components. Their eyes glow different colors depending on their mood, and their 'goo' is transparent. Their insides glow as well.

Location: Very rare, and can only be created using a mechanics booth. Only 1 can exist at a time.

Diet: Tarr, and other slime plorts.

Favorite: Rad Slime Plorts

Possible Slimeology: Artificially created for the sole use of helping other ranchers, these 'slimes' are obedient, and do everything in their power to keep the ranch clean of Tarr. In addition, their structure and energy source of slime ports makes it impossible for these slimes to evolve into largos.

Possible Plortonomics: These slimes don't produce plorts because everything they eat transforms into pure energy.

Other information:

-Unlike normal slimes, these slimes can't produce plorts, nor do they mutate when eating the plorts. As such, they only eat because they need a source of energy, and shut down when they are too hungry. Tarrs give them more energy than plorts.

-These slimes attempt to follow you through the ranch. If you don't want it to end up following you through the wild as well, it would have to be corralled.

-When a Tarr appears, its AI moves from following you to trying to devour the Tarr. Once the Tarrs are gone, it goes back to following you.
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Re: My Slime Suggestions (Floral/Flower and Robot)

Postby Nunn » Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:04 pm

I really like the idea of collecting all the different variations of the Flower/Floral slimes. I like the sound of "Floral" slime more. But that's just me.
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