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The Internal Cosmos + community announcments

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:06 pm
by gamer1o7
before i get into this idea i just want to give a few community announcements first is my return! most people here nowadays probably don't know me "except for randomtangle..." but anyways i'm back and shall be active again. second is a name change from gamer1o7 to FullyVoided Animations. i hope this will be welcome. and finally i found out i had AS which is a forum of autism... that's something! Anywats lets get into the idea
The Internal Cosmos
a forgotten cave system, lush with lights.

The Internal Cosmos is a cave system very far down below the surface of the far far range. It is filled with many different crystals, lights, and colorful slimes! You can find many exotic things here dominantly the LUMOSE Slime, but there is much more beauty to this place.
Its blindingly delightful


Luminescent pineapple

LUMOSE Slimes can be very bright shining many different colors. they show close resemblance to the stars in the sky.

Rancher Risks
LUMOSE SLIMES can be quite difficult to ranch. with the shining array of colors they are able to blind many ranchers, there have even been a few storys where this ability has causes people to walk into The Slime Sea in confusion. they also cant tolerate much light, a solar shield is required.
LUMOSE Plorts have been found to contain high amounts of pure light energy. they are used for the production of spaceships for exterior lighting. before the discovery of LUMOSE Slimes many ships were getting hit by asteroids and space junk due to the lack of ways to light up the depths of space.

the way to unlock The Interal Cosmos its quite unconventional. there would be a pile of rocks with a building space on them. next to it would be a Hudson node. the node would go on to explain how this is the entrance to The internal Cosmos and that the supports keeping the entrance up looked quite shabby. 24 hours after interacting with this message 7zeecorp will message if "if over level 15" and say that this place could be a good source of money. they give you a blueprint in this mail. the blueprint is the tunneler something you can only make one of and can only be put on these rocks. after doing so and waiting 3 days the passage will be open.

1.00 MADE "updates will be quite common and will include new slimes in depth on food, toys, and ranch expansions. and i hope to polish this to make it a good successor to my sunken temple idea"

Re: The Internal Cosmos + community announcments

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:00 pm
by EmeraldPlay
Nice idea.

Keep in mind, however, that you won't be able to edit this thread anymore once 24 hours pass from its creation. You'll have to append updates as separate posts.