A idea to help refresh the range exchange

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A idea to help refresh the range exchange

Postby rorya01 » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:24 am

The range exchange is unlocked very early in the game but isn't to useful. Unless you going for the wilds or the Quicksilver place thingy. I had an idea to change it up ALOT but make it for useful to all players.
1st big change: the first big change is the interface. When you press the button a blue interface would show up with people who need items.
2nd big change: On the right of the range exchange is a box. Shoot stuff in the box to store it. It can hold 100 of each item. Now that you have (maybe) put items that people need. Select there picture in it and cycle through what to give them.
3rd big change: now you know the basics but, isn't it kinda weird just trading to some strange people? No? Then you'll love this. YOU can put stuff you want for a trade and also trade with other players online. 1st minor change: If you want you can also play a new minigame on the range exchange! Gordo pop! You move left and right on a top down auto shooter. You swap food to feed different gordos and earn newbucks. It does cost 500 newbucks to play though and you only earn 25 per gordo popped. If you manage to pop 100 gordos on one go you get the bronze badge. It will appear by your save file and by your portrait on the range exchange. 250 is silver and 500 is gold. If your crazy and have no life then HAHA try this, 1 0 0 0 gordos popped.... If you do the get a treasure pod to place where ever a gadget spot is available to hold 5 items.
2nd minor change: bOb, bOb miht randmlY taKe ur ChIckENz sO try aNd KEp TeM sAFe. ....who wrote that script.
Welp until next time.
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