Walk in the rain

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Walk in the rain

Postby rorya01 » Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:24 pm

I'm so tired right now so I'll try and make this somewhat shorter *yawn* here we go.
I was thinking that weather should be introduced into slime rancher. The main ones I was thinking are the basic rain and your normal every day natural disasters. Rain: rain would be...rain. not much to say either than water slimes don't dry up and they will go on land and spawn on land 2x more frequently than normal. Also slimes are less agitated and crops grow 3x faster. 1-4 day chance. Thunderstorm: rain crop effects don't change but other stuff does...a lot. Slimes are more agitated while not being in a corral or by a slime toy. When lightning strikes it will usually strike metal and buildings. Rock slimes are practically walking death traps. A new idea I had to was mochi could store lightning as more starting energy for getting Quicksilver slimes. 3-15 day chance. Harvest: harvest can happen after every two weeks, so every third week has a harvest day. Harvest makes crops grow a whopping 15x faster. So 1 minute for a full crop harvest. These days would cause a new slime routine. Slimes to will swarm to, moss blanket, wilds, your ranch and glass desert oasis's. Feral slimes also become happy during this event. Use it to your advantage in the wilds. Awakening: awaking happens every 100 days in slime rancher. It will either be the best time ever or the end of your run. In the Awakening event where Hobson was going to use the teleporter in the glass desert a mysterious glow will appear with hovering icons telling you what it wants. The event lasts 3 days until the big day aka the last. 1st day: 1 red echo and 5 strange diamonds. 2 day: 2 blue echos and 1 strange diamond and 5 gold plorts. 3rd day: 1 strange diamond and 5 random echos. If you complete each offering a portal will appear. Walk through and your rewards will be plenty. Inside is a massive hallway covered wall to wall in treasure pods. Some green some blue and some purple. Green ones give 10 gold plorts and the first one you open gives you the extra hit upgrade. The extra hit upgrade allows you to carry 200 items in one spot and can carry the same item In a different slot. Blue ones give you 1 mysterious plort each that sells for 10 000$. Purple ones give you slime keys and a few more gold plorts once you have 5 slime keys. At the end you see a huge glass throne and on top a red treasure pod. You can't open it yet. Wait until the next Awakening and you'll unlock the red treasure pod opener for purchase. But it for one billion new bucks and repeat the event. This time open the red treasure pod and when you do you unlock two new things. One a new mode you can create a new save as that is a cheat mode pretty much. Second, the breaker. The breaker is a gadget that makes all slimes be more helpful to the player permanently. The breaker makes a beautiful Melody only slimes can hear. Slimes will now help automate stuff with the drones, they will try not to eat your stuff when you don't want them too. And the best thing the slimes do. Allow you to make free gadgets.
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Re: Walk in the rain

Postby Lionmeow » Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:10 pm

"Walk in the rain" Ohhhh this will be a weather related post. Let's see... rain, thunder, the AWAKENING? That would be a very... worrying weather in real life in my opinion. Interesting ideas. Although the harvest is a little overpowered. I mean, crops grow every minute? I would think it would be better for every... four. And for the Awakening, I would assume that it would need far greater resources. I would be able to do that in like... two minutes with the resources I have. It would need more gold plorts. And strange diamonds.
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Re: Walk in the rain

Postby EmeraldPlay » Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:45 am

Weather used to be present in Prototype 3 (only as rain though), but it was removed.

Anyways, the red treasure cracker costs too much money in my opinion. It costs 1000 times as much as the entire 7Zee Rewards Club.
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To Emerald play

Postby rorya01 » Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:24 am

It's supposed to be a incredibly difficult thing to get so I wouldn't be surprised it's hard to get
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Re: Walk in the rain

Postby Randomtangle » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:00 am

This sounds cool




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