My Ideas For Improving Concepts For Aquatic Slimes And Areas

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My Ideas For Improving Concepts For Aquatic Slimes And Areas

Postby CrookHookGames » Sun Oct 14, 2018 6:52 pm

*DISCLAIMER* I love nearly all of the ideas for aquatic slimes and their habitats. I have nothing against anybody who has posted an idea for an aquatic slime/slimes. I just wanted to address some issues I have found involving most aquatic slime ideas. This is my opinion and you do not need to follow these rules. If I have made any mistakes or there is something you would like to add please say so. With that being said, let's review some issues with aquatic slimes and how to fix them.

Issue 1:

Most ideas for these types of slimes live in the slime sea. The slimepedia says many things that would prove that slimes are unable to call the slime sea their home. Then again, many things about the slime sea are unknown to slime scientists and some details could even prove that life in the slime sea is possible. For reference, I will include a link to the slimepedia article for the slime sea here: The article states that, although slimes left in the slime sea for short periods of time are not harmed, the water in the slime sea is not fit for any other lifeforms like humans or plants found on land. This could mean one of two things; slimes could be harmed from staying in the slime sea for too long, or they could stay in it forever and be unharmed. If the first option is correct, this could eliminate the idea of aquatic slimes in the slime sea. Of course, there are many issues with this hypothesis. Many things would suggest that slimes could live in the slime sea. The second option that I mentioned is equally as, or possibly even more plausible than the first option. The slimepedia entry also states that it is a primordial pool where the first slimes emerged. This means that slimes, bacteria, or other organisms have lived in the slime sea in the past and could still live there now. Overall, most scientific evidence does not support my claim. Despite this, slime scientists do not have much information on the slime sea and so far they only have theories and ideas of how it works, so anything could be real.

Solution 1:

There are many issues with using the slime sea as an environment for slimes, which I will discuss later, that are not related to issues with the Slime Rancher canon and why the slime sea might be avoided when choosing a habitat. In the Slime Rancher canon, not much is known about the slime sea. This lets people that want to create their own slimes have a nearly blank canvas to experiment with. Despite this, there are a few rules to follow when expanding on the slime sea. Because not much is explained, explaining what you imagine the slime sea is like to help paint a better picture and remember to pay close attention to the pre-existing rules.

Issue 2:

The slime sea was created as a way to limit players from wandering off too far. Without this, players will have no limit as to where they can go. If the player has the ability to travel endlessly underwater, how will you limit them? Using invisible walls without anything indicating that the player should not be able to go further should be avoided to show that there is a reason as to why they cannot proceed.

Solution 2:

There are many ways to create a good barrier, which will both work effectively and look natural. Depending on your area, it could be nearly anything. One way is to make your area an island, so the slime sea can still be an effective barrier. Another way is to close off certain areas with natural walls or land to separate land from water.


I know this was not too much information, but I plan to expand on this later. If you have any ideas I should include or if you have constructive criticism, please tell me. I worked hard on this and I hope you find this useful or entertaining.
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