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Until it's over

Postby rorya01 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:19 pm

I had an idea of a new style of story...
I'll explain my idea in small detail because I need to sleep but still.
It starts with a continuation of the main story. It starts as you open all of Hobson's vaults. Then you get a message from Hobson. The message says, Beatrix my previous messages I sender to you are pre sent aka they triggered when you open the treasure pods. If you are wondering why I did this....see for yourself. If I'm correct my order for a teleporter should've just arrived behind your house. Go through and learn the truth.
As you go through you unlock a new area thoras ranch. As you look around you have full access to a old run down ranch. Where's Thora? Where's Hobson? As you walk around you will find two gravestones. One with T on it and the other with H. You probably realized what happened already. In between them is a black B Holo message. When you open it this is the dialouge
ChIckENz? ChicKENZ? As you look at this you know it's Bob who has done this but....it's just three pink slimes? As you walk down you see a special locked slime gate with a needed password. The password is KENZ. After this you see a slight change in scenery, it goes from rough Rocky ground to a lush Forest full of slimes. As you look around (probably looking for new slimes) you get hit by a strange slime. This is a hybrid slime. Hybrid slimes are half tarr half one or two other slimes. Hybrids are beyond deadly, rocks can cause a earth quake that makes slimes feral, hunter slimes make all slimes pin you down, Crystal slimes deal 80 damage. If you kill the hybrid with a lot of water then you hear above you tick tock as a shadowy figure disappears above. After this encounter hybrid slimes spawn naturally "anywhere" when I say anywhere I mean anywhere. If you progress further than you see a large slime gate like the one at the ruins. But this one needs a custom key. Run back to the ranch and go inside the ranch. Inside you will find a blue print for the quantam key. You need 50 quantam plorts 3 strange diamonds and 100 slime fossils..... What the fri- after it's made you can open the gate to duh duh duh, the lair. The lair has Quicksilver slimes spawn feral around so careful going through. Once you get to the end you see the Mastermind. KEN, KEN is a jerk aka he is the most wanted murderer ever lived but has been killed 7 times. When you walk inside you see him by a dart board throwing darts at.....MOCHI?! Yes mochi miles has been kidnapped and was about to be killed. Now it's personal. He will start to attack you by opening poison pipe drains to release tarrs. I'll the tarrs to rid the poison. After the first phase water springs pop up from the ground. KEN will launch a couple of hybrids before the final phase. KEN I s weak and battered. You stand in front until. BAM the wall infront breaks to reveal a massive saber slime. This is the last one that is pure. Your goal is to run around and grab water and chickens. Feed the saber and kill the tarrs and hybrids. After the saber pops, you get the final choice of this mini expansion. Arrest KEN or kill KEN. Yes kill. You have a chance to avenge Hobson , Thora and possibly Bob. Mochi will tell you to arrest him. If you do you will be on good terms with mochi and she will triple the money earned from mochis extra mile and depositimg Quicksilver plorts. If you kill KEN, mochi will be scared of you, but, you can now call apon hybrid slimes and make them. Hybrids give triple and three at once of plorts. The choice is yours. After the expansion you can now repair Thoras Corral's for 500 new bucks and her farms for 300 new bucks. Thoras Corral's are triple the height of the normal size. The farm is allot different than the original. It grows instantly but costs 2500 new bucks to activate.
That's all I have for this wall of text. Btw any mistakes I might have done
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Re: Until it's over

Postby rorya01 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:23 pm

I butchered most of my spelling. Greeaaaaaat
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Re: Until it's over

Postby Randomtangle » Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:00 am

Cool, but where's Ogden?




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Re: Until it's over

Postby lbyrne2 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:50 pm

C h I ck En
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