The Healer Slime

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The Healer Slime

Postby Lionmeow » Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:26 pm

I've held this off for long enough. Now it's time to finally put it on the forums.

Healer Slime: A god slime. Only one healer slime can exist at a time. A healer slime looks like a blue tabby slime, with a medical cross on its head. A large process is required to summon it. You need to find the Healer Slime's ruins. Remember the strange ruins at the end of the Mossy Blanket a long time ago? That is where you summon it, at the Healer Slime's ruins.

The God Slimes: The four original slimes. With the healer slime, they created the Far, Far, Range, and all of its slimes inside. However, after a major accident, the five slimes were all locked away, never to be seen again. The four god slimes were a pink slime, rad slime, puddle slime, and quantum slime.

Summoning The Healer Slime: On the Healer Slime's Ruins, you will find a small circle. With enough upgrades, you can start summoning the healer slime. You will need to find four candidates for the four god slimes, and place them in the circle. You will also need all types of Hen Hens to attract the healer slime's essence. Finally, a tabby slime, to turn into the Healer Slime. When the essence has been attracted to the tabby slime, and said slime eats all the Hen Hens, it has been summoned. The Healer Slime. But something's wrong.

The Slime Plague: After summoning the Healer Slime, the four god slimes have gotten a plague. As they walk around, they start infecting other slimes in the ruins. As the slimes keep infecting others, they start to move toward the ranch. After sleeping two days, a message appears when you exit the house. "As Beatrix awakens from an uneasy sleep, she notices that there are some visitors on the ranch."

The Slime Horde: A boss battle thingy. You will need to cure all slimes before all of your slimes get infected, and Beatrix end up infected herself. After she is infected, the day restarts. After curing the slimes, you will need to put them into quarantine.

Healer Plorts: Though they can't be sold, they can be turned into many different things. Healer plorts can make an uninfected slime immune for a few seconds. During the boss battle, you cannot pick up any slimes. That's why you need to put them into quarantine. A few things that can be made by the healer plorts are: Cure Creator, Healing Food, etc.

Cure Creator: After creating the Cure Creator, you will need a few things. If you fire a healer plort at an infected slime, it will give you an Infected Blob. You will need to put 10 healer plorts, and an infected blob into the machine. It will have a 50/50 chance of giving you ten Cures after 5 minutes.

Healing Food: After getting Cures, you can make Healing Food. It's any type of food, with a cure in it. To make it, you will need a Healing Food Station. You would need a few healer plorts (depending on the type of food), a Cure, and the food (of course).

Aaaaaand that's it (for now). That was pretty long. I might continue this in the replies. I know this probably won't end up in the game, but I've been planning this for at LEAST a year.
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