Delivery time?

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Delivery time?

Postby rorya01 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:05 pm

I had a idea for a mode for Thora West. Delivery mode! Goal run down a long path and your goal is to deliver specific orders to certain house along the path. For each delivery is 25 new bucks. Upgrades you get are hunter shroom. Hunter shroom is a gadget that allows hunters to spawn near the mushroom. The next one is a very special fashion pod. New bucks pod, it puts a new bucks symbol on a slimes head that attracts lucky slimes. Next gadget the staff of slimes. The staff of slimes is beyond expensive. You need 5 strange diamonds 100 pink plorts 30 gold plorts and 1 rad plort. The item adds a strange glow to certain areas saying there is a gold slime hiding there. Next gadget is the slime extractor, the slime extractor is used to pull up the gold slimes and once in a blue slime moon you might bag yourself a pure saber slime! But sense this isn't going in game just get the pure saber slime mod. Pure saber slimes give you pure saber plorts that are worth double the price of the saber plort. Lastly you will earn thoras back ranch. The back ranch has a small cabin and 10 plots of land. This ranch expansion also adds a path to the valley of slimes that is a valley of well slimes. Pure sabers rarely spawn there too.
That's all folks
P.S the valley is a very useful source of rare slimes aka lucky and gold slimes.
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